Tips For Beginners: How To Pluck A Wig

Using a wig does not just mean applying it to your head. You may need to supply more “weapons” to make your look the most natural with the hairpiece. And plucking a wig is one of them. But, how to pluck a wig properly? If you are new to the wig world, let scroll down to get the best tips from Apohair.

How to pluck a wig

Why Should We Pluck A Wig?

Let’s take a look at your natural hairline, you can see that the hairs don’t have the same length, and they tend to grow around the hairline. Your wig needs the same impression to look natural as your bio hair. If you go ahead with an un-plucked wig, it will look super straight like speaking clearly that you are wearing a wig.

After you pluck it, the density of the top part will be smaller just like your bio hair. Besides, by plucking your wig, you can create trendy baby hairs and wear your wig in tight ponytail hairstyles.

Plucking a wig helps your wig look natural
Plucking a wig helps your wig look natural

Today, women prefer pre-plucked wigs to save time and effort for the plucking process. However, even with the pre-plucked one, you can still pluck it to master the most realistic look with a perfect hairline. For a wig that has already been plucked, you may spend about haft an hour doing the work. It still challenges your patient with some experience, but the result will be worthy.

What Will You Need To Pluck A Wig?

How to pluck a wig to make it look natural? Let’s explore in this part.

Below is the list of tools you will need before you start plucking your wig:

  • A mannequin head or canvas head
  • Tweezer
  • Comb
  • Some hairpins to hold the wig

How To Pluck A Wig For Beginners?

Step 1: Take A Photo Of Your Front Head And Hairline

Firstly, you need to take a picture of your forehead and hairline to keep it as a guide. Before you take the picture, make sure to straighten or stretch your hair and pull it in a tight ponytail. In this way, your front head and hairline can be seen more clearly. Also, you will know the area with more densities and where there is less to pluck properly later.

Take a photo of your front head and hairline
Take a photo of your front head and hairline

Step 2: Create A Thin Hairline

Parting based on the photo you have captured in step 1. Remember to set the parting not too thick nor too loose.

Step 3: Secure Your Wig

Put your wig into the mannequin head and use some pins to secure it. The right way to do is pining the lace down.

Put your wig into the mannequin head
Put your wig into the mannequin head

Step 4: Pluck Your Wig

Now it’s time to start to pluck your wig. You should gradually pluck one side and then work your way to the other side. It’s better to go with a high-quality tweezer to ease the plucking process.

Pluck your wig
Pluck your wig

And make sure not to pluck too many hairs of the same area since excess tweezing can lead to bald spots. You can try to pluck a little bit first and see if it looks fine. If you think it is still too dense, just pluck some more.

Step 5: Pluck The Lace

After you finish plucking the hairs, let move to pluck the lace. Plucking the lace means you will use the tweezer to pluck out the excess hair around the frontal or closure to make it less bulky.

Pluck the lace
Pluck the lace

The best way to do this is to part the hair on your lace front wig or lace closure wig in two sections and start to pluck the hairline towards your direction. By knowing the guide on how to pluck a wig hairline, your wig will look much more natural.

Step 6: Create The Part

Some lace wigs come with pre-made parts like the middle part, side part, or multiple part. But with those that come with free-part (or no part), you can create the parting yourself. Before you start parting, you need to determine where your part will lay.

Create the part
Create the part

If you find it hard to decide, you can play around with the parting to choose the right position and create the styles you wish.

Step 7: Make Edges And Baby Hairs

To complete your look, don’t forget the edges and baby hairs. To create the baby hairs for your wig, you need to separate a small section of the hair from the hairline. After that, use a razor to cut the hair down to the length you want for the baby hairs. And now, you have a plucked wig that elevates your look to a new level.

Make edges and baby hairs
Make edges and baby hairs

There are many wearers bleaching the knots before plucking the wig for a better look. However, this step is optional. You don’t need to do the bleaching process if you don’t feel confident. But if you intend to do, we recommend you check the tutorial carefully as over bleaching will result in massive hair loss.

Tips To Pluck A Wig

Now you know a lot about how to pluck your wig. But here are 3 pro tips to help you get  the best possible results:

  • Take your time and pluck your wig slowly. Once hair falls out, it will not grow back.
  • Don’t just grab those old tweezers lying around the house. Buy new tweezers to get the job done.
  • If you’re not sure whether you’ve plucked enough hair or shaped your hairline properly, you can occasionally put a wig on your head to test.
Pluck your wig slowly
Pluck your wig slowly

When removing hair from a wig, there are several important factors to consider:

  • The direction of hair growth when placed on the head. Pluck in the direction of hair growth for optimal results.
  • How much hair removal do you want? Start small and slowly pinch more if desired. Remember that adding is easier than deleting.
  • The size of the tweezers you use, the larger tweezers can create larger gaps, while smaller tweezers allow for more precise hair removal.
  • Your goals in mind, always refer to the photo or inspiration you took before starting.
  • Aftercare tips, it’s important to keep your wig hydrated and in good condition after styling.
  • Finally, take your time; pulling the wig off takes time, but the results are worth it!

By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect look with your wig!

Plucking a wig may take your time, but it will help you look more graceful in your wig. We hope that our tips on how to pluck a wig will help you do it easily. If you’re in search of high-quality wigs and hair extensions, look no further than Apohair, a trusted Vietnam hair supplier.

Our extensive range of wigs and hair products, sourced from the finest Vietnamese hair, ensures you get the perfect wig for your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Apohair to discover the world of premium hair solutions.

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