Tips On Choosing The Best Color For Your Short Hair Wig

Short hair wig is a fantastic hair item that does not only attracts women with thin hair or hair loss but also those who want to try a sexier and sassier hairstyle. To look brilliantly with your human hair short wig, there might be several things that matter such as the texture, the hair length, your face shape, lifestyle, etc.

Tips on choosing the best color for your short hair wig

And the color of the wig also plays an important role in deciding how you look with the hairpiece. So, let’s set aside some minutes to learn about how to choose the right shade for your short hair wig and some styles to shine your look.

How To Choose The Right Wig Color For Your Short Hair?

1. Knowing Tour Skin Tone

Choosing a hair color is never an easy task even if you are a home-dye expert or a newbie. Just like how you choose a hair dye for your natural hair, your selection for your short wig will depend largely on your natural skin tones. Hence, you need to identify which skin tone your skin belongs to first. There are four skin tones, namely: fair skin, medium skin, olive skin and dark skin.

Knowing your skin tone
Identify your skin tone

Generally, women with fair skin tones will look best with a lighter shade, except for light yellow. Usually light yellow makes people look pale. If your skin is fair with warm undertones, you can try copper red, caramel, strawberry and golden blonde.

Those who have medium skin tones are almost suitable for wigs of any color. Yet, if you have warm undertones, going for cool colors may make you look older.

If your skin tone is olive oil, then your list of choices will be all the shades of brunette. But if you have darker skin, it’s better to try cool colors such as dark brown, olive, and black hues.

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2. Making Use Of Modern Apps

If you are still not sure if the color you select based on your skin tone is a good choice, try some of the hair color apps. There are now quite a lot of hair color apps available on Play store and Appstore. These apps may not be 100% correct, but they may offer you a clearer image of how you will look with certain hair colors.

Making use of modern apps
Using apps to choose the best color for your hair

3. Considering Your Age

Choosing a wig color that is suitable for your age is important. If you opt for the right color, you can even look a bit younger (believe us, that’s what most women dream of). But it’s not a good idea to go for a hue that is meant for a teen when you are now a queen. Younger women can choose bold colors to make them look more active. And for older women, it is suitable for quiet colors such as gold and warm color shades.

4. What Is Your Personality?

Personality is another factor that determines the color of your short hair wig. In general, lively girls who want to define their style will look for bold colors such as cool tones. Whereas, girls with a quiet and gentle personality will look perfect with warm colors.

What is your personality
Define your style to choose color hair wig

5. Don’t Go Too Far From Your Real Hair Color

If this is your first time using a wig, we suggest you to choose an item that is similar to your real hair color. Many new wearers feel uneasy with their wigs because they are afraid that they will appear too different from their normal look. Hence, choosing a wig with a similar color to your hair will make you look more natural and help you have a comfortable feeling and experience.

Besides, please note that with a human hair short wig, you can change its color to another shade after you buy. So don’t worry if the original color of the wig does not suit you. You can still fix it for a better look. But, don’t try to make the dying process at home if you don’t master well how to dye a wig. A visit to a hair salon will bring you the best look for your wig.

Some Styles For Your Short Hair Wig

1. Sleek Bob With Front Fringe

How to style a short wig in a short time? Bob is an iconic hairstyle you can choose. A sleek bob like this one is what you need to show off the beauty of your natural facial contours. And by adding a front fringe into the mix, you can obtain a look of mystery and sophistication.

Sleek bob with front fringe
Sleek bob with front fringe

2. A Chic Textured Pixie Cut

If you follow Hollywood celebrities, you will see the pixie cuts appears frequently. It is not a coincidence that this hairstyle receives so much love, even from famous figures. It looks striking, cool, and never out of trend.

A chic textured pixie cut
A chic textured pixie cut

A textured pixie cut like this one is a little bit edgy, and it’s really fun to try out for your short hair wig. The texture, shape, and color options of the style form a summer hairdo that looks natural and cool, making it one of the best short wig hairstyles on offer.

3. Beach Wave Lob

A short wig with different lengths for the waves and curl patterns will be an awesome choice to rock your summer. The effortless waves that look like the beach waves will take your lob style to a new level. It is also an ideal option if you want to go for loose, cool-girl waves without the high maintenance that long hair often requires.

Beach wave lob
Beach wave lob

4. Curly Bob Wig With Blunt Ends

You can create a funky, geometric cut for your short hair wig by giving it a blunt-edged finish. When your curls are voluminous enough to have their own structure, cutting the ends at a hard angle will give your wig for short hair a triangle look that is fresh and modern.

Curly bob wig with blunt ends
Curly bob wig with blunt ends

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5. Loose Curls With Middle Part

While a long bob is already a chic and trendy short hairstyle, infusing it with your personal touch can truly elevate your look. Opting for the middle part not only adds a touch of individuality but also imparts a fashion-forward and contemporary feel to this curly bob. If you’re in search of a change and desire a standout hairstyle, this look, enhanced by the best short wigs, will certainly deliver just that.

Loose curls with middle part
Loose curls with middle part

Above are some tips to help you choose a perfect shade for your short hair wig and some stunning styles to go. We hope that you will always be pretty and enjoy your day. If you are looking for a quality Vietnamese hair supplier, visit Apohair to explore our premium hair wig. Thank you for reading.

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