Tips on using a frontal for the best look

Frontal hairpiece has long been a craze of so many hair extensions lovers all over the world. Its incredible versatility for styling wigs and weave hair together with its close resemblance to the natural hairline and scalp will surely enchant you from the first time of experiencing. And now let check some tips and tricks on using this stunning hairpiece to enjoy a perfect look with it.

What is a frontal?

A frontal is a hairpiece that covers your hairline from temple to temple. Unlike a closure that covers a part of the head to finish your sew-in, a frontal is meant to lay at your front hairline to protect it from damage and provide the maximum versatility for styling. With a lace frontal, you can try many different parting styles, hairstyles, and even pull the hair back and off your face.

How to choose a frontal?

Choosing a lace frontal that suits your purpose and facial features is a key thing for an impressive look. And to obtain the best result with the hairpiece, the quality of the lace frontal should also be put into consideration. So, notice the following points when selecting a frontal:

  • Avoid too dense frontals: Those with very thick hairline will lead to a thick and unnatural finish.
  • If your skin tone is light, it’s best to opt for a frontal with the lace base close match to your skin. This is because frontals can be tinted all shades darker, but can’t be made lighter. People with light to fair skin tone should go for a transparent lace. Whereas, those with brown to dark brown skin tone will look great with standard lace (or regular brown lace).
  • A lace frontal with the thick lace base is not a good selection since it will make your front head look unnatural.
  • Invest in good-quality lace frontals to make it easier to customize to your taste.

Do you need to bleach not before installation?

The answer is yes because bleaching the knots will help the lace match your skin tone better. But if your frontal comes with an HD lace film, or invisible lace, there is no need to perform this step since this royal lace material already blends perfectly with your scalp.

How to wear a frontal?

Using gluing method

The most common method for installing lace frontals is attaching them to the hairline with glue. With this method, you will need to align the frontal with your natural hairline before applying the glue. Using glue to wear lace closure is easy and quick to do and can secure it in your head for up to 2 weeks. It can, however, cause your edges to become thin and even result in hair loss around the hairline. Accordingly, consider carefully your hair and skin state before you decide to make one.

Applying with tape

Specialty lace or wig tape is another common choice to install a lace frontal. It just takes you several minutes for a full frontal installation, so you can easily do it at home. The tape provides as much hold as the glue, but the hair may not lay flat. And you need to apply the tape properly so as not to make the tape visible through the lace.

Making a sew-in

Many people choose to sew their lace frontal onto an anchor braid in their natural hair. Frontal sew in lasts longer than other installing methods and secure a natural look, but it requires some sewing and braiding techniques to do. If you are a beginner, it may be a bit complicated to do while a visit to a hair salon can be costly.

Securing with elastic band

Using an elastic band is a new way to install lace frontals. The band is measured to the size of your head and sewn onto the frontal. Hence, it fits the entire circumference of the head. It allows the frontal to lay down naturally without having to worry about damaging your hairline. However, this method is not a choice for people with headaches and migraines.

Caring tips for your full frontal

  • If the glue builds up on your lace, use warm water or minimal shampoo to rub gently over the area and remove the glue.
  • Like other types of hair extensions, shedding is a common matter with lace frontal. So, make sure to avoid scratching, excessive combing, and putting pressure on your parting.
  • Use the right products to wash and condition the frontals. Before you wash it, remember to detangle the hairpiece thoroughly.
  • Wrap the lace frontal up and use a satin pillowcase before you go to sleep.
  • And, don’t overuse heat with the hairpiece. How long your hairpiece lasts depends on how you treat it.

It is often said that frontal is high maintenance though useful, but if you know how to use and take care of it properly, the hairpiece will be your best friend. Let’s have fun with it and enjoy your look.

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