Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles You Should Try!!!

Hair weave is the easiest way to look good within a short time and especially for your special occasions. Most girls and ladies use the weave to change their outlook. Meanwhile, the weaves often act as great protective methods to the natural hair because you can cover the hair with the artificial hair you buy.

01 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Weaves give you the option of trying out different colors without having to color your hair. Also, you can try different styles like curly, straight, and wavy and long or short hair. With weaves any style is achievable. In this blog post, let’s discover with us, top 10 ideal weave hairstyles for you to try in 2020. Check it out!!!

What is a weave?

Weave hair (also known as sew-in hair or weft hair) is a type of hair extensions. With this method, the hair is weft into 1 line by hands or machines. Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto the braids. Weave hair extensions are mainly used for people who have thicker hair because of the way they are applied. Hair will not be easily tangled or fallen out. Their usage is also simple. You only need to make a horizon line of real hair and sew these hair extension into that line.

Top 10 ideal weave hairstyles for you to try

Knot Your Average Pony

02 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

This impressive ponytail can take your everyday look from 0 to 100. Pull weave hair back into a ponytail and start to twist it as if you’re putting hair into a bun. Once you’ve created one loop, knot the rest of the hair through the bun and secure it, remember to leave the rest of the ponytail long and loose and finish with a hair slide for extra cool points.

Bubble Ponytail

03 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Give your weave hair a sporty style with this bubble ponytail. Apply it right now because it’s so easy to do on yourself. Essentially, all you need to do is secure extra hairbands down the length of your ponytail. To achieve a slick look like this, use a serum to tame flyaways or pull out hair from each section for a Kendall Jenner-esque look.

Loose Ribbons

04 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

To be honest, there’s nothing chicer than a loosely tied black velvet ribbon. Whether your weave hair is curly, wavy or super straight, this style suits anyone and takes just seconds to create. To get extra hold, you should secure hair first with a clear elastic band before wrapping your ribbon around.

Fishtail Braids

05 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Who said that edgy girls can’t have long locks? Fishtails can always make it look as impressive as ever for those who want to go funky even with the longest weave hairstyles. And you know what? They are actually easier to do than most. So what are you waiting for not to give it a shot right now?

Twisted Bun

06 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Twisted Bun is one of the easiest idea for weave hairstyles. You see, we don’t expect you to drop a pretty dime to get your hair done every time you have a school dance or a party to attend. Instead, you can prepare this pretty twisted updo yourself in less than 10 minutes. To be honest, this bun looks deceptively intricate but is actually super simple to achieve.

Extra Long Double Ponytail

07 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

You may have a long weave hairstyle but it may not look as full and long as you want it to when you tie it up in a high ponytail. That’s because you’re going about tying it in all wrong ways. This simple hack of a weave hairstyle uses two ponytails tied on top of each other to give your ponytail fuller body, length, and dimension.

Half Dutch Ponytail

08 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Why don’t you add some pizzazz to your basic ponytail look by incorporating some dainty braiding into it. A side Dutch braid works beautifully to make your weave hair look voluminous and to show off your kickass braiding skills! Apply it to enhance the beauty of your simple ponytail.

Loose Beach Waves

09 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

This long bob on singer and actress Selena Gomez is the perfect low-maintenance and romantic hairstyle. Allow a wavy weave to slightly graze your shoulders for this sophisticated look. Remember that all this look requires is a curling wand and a little spray to protect those beachy waves.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Curls

There is a new way to apply the ashy hair color to your weave. Whatever you do, remember to add some blonde highlights to it. Most of beauty bloggers are completely obsessed with this look, so why you don’t give it a try.

10 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Whenever you feel that your current hair color is way too boring, you can opt for this fabulous color. The best thing making it become popular is that you won’t have to bleach your hair too much, unlike platinum or any other shade of blonde.

Soft Curls

11 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Whether your hair is long or short, curly, wavy or straight, the brown color always looks best on it. If you’re having the intension of dyeing your curly hair brown, but not sure how it will end up, go for the light shade of brown without any doubt. If the result is good and it turns out well, you can opt for the darker shade later on, or just stick to the lighter shade for a more natural and lively look.

The three ideas above are just some suggestion for weave hairstyles. Basically, you can try any hairstyle with a weave as you want. So don’t hesitate and feel free to opt for your favorite hairdo right now.

Weave hairstyles from APOHAIR

If you feel like you don’t fit with those weave hairstyle above and you are looking for a hair extensions shop/company for more options. Let’s come to APOHAIR.

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12 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

At APOHAIR, all our kinds of weave and hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. At factory, we completely say no with synthetic hair, chemicals and harmful tools. As you know, making a weave and hair extensions is very complicate and requires flexible technique and skillful staff so our head managers have focused on training workers to meet the demand of each product. Our customers can totally believe in all products we supply.

14 Black weave hair

Beside weave hair, APOHAIR’s hair extensions are also available for you to choose in: Bulk, tape-in, clip-in and keratin hair.

Coming to APOHAIR’s weave hair and any other products, we can guarantee that our hair:

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Soft, smooth and beautiful

Adds subtle length for daily hairstyles.

Double drawn for thick and healthy tips

There’re several hair standards required in APOHAIR that can give you complete satisfaction when choosing our hair extensions.

Single drawn: You can actually find a single drawn set of hair extensions as they’re usually sold at a rather low price. However, a piece of single drawn extensions can contain different length hair as they are not as carefully done as the other two.

Double drawn: This one is of our company priority as compared to the previous choice, single drawn extensions are not only thicker but also fair in terms of length distribution.

Super double drawn (Double-drawn type 2): Nearly 100% of the strands in super double drawn extensions are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your original lock. The fact that the super double drawn hair’s quality, as compared to the other types, is superior, this type of hair extensions can be costly depending on how long the hair you want to buy is.

APOHAIR is now having 4 main standards for hair: Single Drawn Type 1&2, and Double Drawn Type 1&2, which have quite the same features as the 3 standards above. APOHAIR’s black weave hair comes in the same standards as mentioned above.

Textures of black weave hair at APOHAIR

At APOHAIR, we designed many textures of Weave hair for you to choose. There are 3 main textures with 12 versions: Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy and Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly.

Length and colors

13 Top 10 Ideal Weave Hairstyles

Length sizes of weave hair or any other types of hair extensions at APOHAIR are available for you to choose from 6-32 inches. Just tell us in advance the length you want for us to prepare if it’s a bit longer than normal.

At APOHAIR, our skillful staff have worked hard and carefully to create a wide range of different colors for you choose. They can be traditional or modern colors, warm tone or ash tone or even ombre and mix colors. Just come with us. The choice is yours!!!

Your turn: Are you interested in these black weave hair mentioned above? Feel free to tell us your thought in the comment section below. Keep supporting us and continue to follow and visit our website for more beauty tips, news, how-to guides and more detail about all of our hair extensions. Thank for your time!

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