Top 9 Shocking Pictures of James Charles Without Makeup

This new-age youtube superstar, beauty icon, and makeup artist have gained much achievement these days. Being a male personality, he takes over even the feminine spaces with his talent and skill in creating glamorous looks. He is no other than James Charles Dickinson. With his outstanding looks, did you ever see James Charles without makeup? Top 9 shocking pictures below will never let you down.

James Charles without makeup

Barefaced Selfie

This is the very first shocking photo of James Charles without makeup. The viral pic has gone quite crazy on the Internet, drawing a lot of attention. The star looks different and unique in real life unfiltered pictures. His bare face, with sharp eyes, is quite striking in his facial features. Apohair can surely tell that he looks stylish and attractive without any makeup products on.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup selfie

Self-Love Time

Just like all of us, James Charles loves having some time off for himself. Charles posts this photo on social media and the angle receives much interest from his fans. James Charles without makeup and wig shines with his unusual yet unique ear pin on. The boy looks super dapper and stylish. What’s more, his eyes and eyebrows are entirely new to us and this makes him more impressive. His spots on the skin may be visible evidently, yet the star always makes sure to look dapper.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup – Self love time

Relaxation Time

Here we have another picture of James Charles no makeup on. Well, it seems words are not close enough to describe this picture. You need a lot of guts to post some makeup-free pictures on social media especially if you are in the beauty industry and yet have spots and flaws in your appearance. And well, we appreciate this move from James Charles. The celeb looks raw and surprising, yet with his charming eyes and innocent face.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup – Relaxation time

Old Is Gold

We are talking here about an old picture of James Charles without makeup in his real life. Well, you can see that he has a lot of dark spots all over. However, the star doesn’t hesitate to pose this photoshoot in this gutsy and bold manner. Charles looks fantastic with his unique haircut. However, the celeb decides to have some mascara and lashes on to define his overall look. This is a great inspiration, right?

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup – Old picture

Cool Style

James Charles no makeup is still cool and attractive in this picture. Seen here, James is resting and posing for a selfie during his free time. The star is just wearing a contact lens in this photo and he is chilling out on the side. This genuine glimpse allows us to admire James Charles’ authentic self, devoid of the usual James Charles wig, revealing a different yet equally appealing side of his persona. Charles looks handsome in his simple look and we love this!

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup in cool style

Be Sweet At Home

James Charles loves his home and he enjoys family time. As you can see in the picture, the star is happily smiling when he is attached to his pet dog. Of course, Charles has been wearing no makeup at all. He is just himself with all happy faces around him. James Charles’s skin also looks clear and bright in this photo. Do you agree with us that the star has an eye for beauty?

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup be sweet at home

On A Cold Day

Let’s keep following another look of James without makeup. The star is seen enjoying despite the cold winter with snowfall climate outside. Here, we can hardly see any sign of makeup in this picture. James Charles no makeup looks so perfect here. The celeb is famous for his mirror makeup and we cannot help admiring his talents and skills.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup on a cold day

Be With A Close Friend

This is one more shocking picture of James Charles without makeup. Being with his close friend, he looks quite youthful and happy even James puts no makeup on. He loves his bond with friends and makes sure that he will always be in close contact with them.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup with a close friend

A Natural Look

This picture of James again without makeup still attracts us. His raw look is quite shocking and we love this photo. This picture was taken a few years ago when he had issues of rashes and spots around his puberty. However, APOHAIR cannot help admiring his bold selfie. We are impressed by his sharp facial features in this one.

James Charles without makeup
James Charles without makeup in natural look

After all, being with our natural beauty is wonderful, right? James Charles without makeup still looks gorgeous and attractive. This is a great inspiration for all of us to be more confident with our makeup-free appearance, right? And in the process of enhancing your beauty, never forget your hairstyle. Let’s come to Apohair and pick the latest human hair bundles deals in our collection for a brand new look:

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