Top best of Black weave hair you should try for an amazing 2020

Nowadays, hairstyles with weave are very popular. Weave hair acts as a security blanket to protect you from those bad hair days. Not only do weave hairstyles look amazing, they also protect your natural hair from the harsh effects of continued styling. In addition, extensions require little maintenance, and you could literally change your look every other month!

Feel free to experiment with black, long black, curls, wavy, ultra-long locks or pixie short strands, the choice is yours. With so many options for you to choose, we decide to put it together in a list of Top best styles of Black Weave Hair. Scroll down and explore it.

What is a hair weave?

A hair weave is a type of hair extension method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled to any desired style. The beauty of a hair weave, and the reason why it is such a popular method, is how undetectable it is. It typically depends on both your hair texture and the style you are looking to achieve.

We highly recommend that you should remove your weave/black weave hair every 6 – 8 weeks, especially if you are trying to grow your own hair. Don’t forget that the maximum amount of time you should have a full weave in your hair is 4 months because it will affect your natural hair’s growth.

Long Black Weave Hairstyles

Voluminous Weave With A Side Part

02 Black weave hair

Adding volume to your weave is a good way to allow anyone with the finest hair to have the opportunity to suddenly flaunt voluptuous hair! To get this look, use a round brush to blow dry your hair and touch up any areas with your large barreled curling iron. A side will work best for this hairstyle because the side part can balance the volume and create soft face-framing.

Long Black Weave

03 Black weave hair

Nothing like a chic, simple hairstyle to make such a bold appearance! A side part will easily add glamour to this dark and sultry hairstyle! To create another version, add a middle part for simplicity or add layers, to blend and move naturally as if it was your own tresses. Evenly you can pop in a few curls and you’ve turned ordinary into extraordinary!

Extra Long Straight Hair

04 Black weave hair


The rising trend of 30 inch straight weave hair extensions is on a steady rise, and we are here for it! While this style with many inches hair may require more styling time, hair products, care and maintenance, the results are phenomenal! You’ll be sure to turn heads with this straight hairstyle.

Black Straight Weave hairstyles

Quick Straight Weave

05 Black weave hair

A quick straight black weave involves bonding the extensions to your natural hair by using a cap or gel formula as a protective barrier. It’s often a quicker and less costly method than the sew-in. This technique paired with a shoulder length straight cut is a great example providing you with a fast and natural-looking hairstyle you always expect.

Halo braid kinky straight hair

06 Black weave hair


The kinky straight hair calls for simplicity because already the hair looks like the black women hair. The halo braid style is becoming more and more popular today that adds spice to the style if you don’t want to be dramatic with it.

Kinky straight ponytail

07 Black weave hair

Here is another style for anyone with long kinky straight hair. To achieve this gorgeous look, make the high ponytail and let the tail flow freely to spice it. A ponytail will always make you look lady-like and chic.

Black Curly Weave Hairstyles

Corkscrew Curls

08 Black weave hair

This is a heavily textured curly weave hairstyle for black women who crave layers of strong tight curls for maximum oomph. The sides will cascade softly around the neckline but the back will still continue to deliver tons of curls and endlessly drapes those beautiful crochet braids all the way down the spine. Curly weave hairstyles will be able to create a look where volume is high on the agenda.

Side-Parted Curly Weave

09 Black weave hair

This voluminous side part weave hairstyle has a youthful and free feeling to it. Notice that the curl is styled in a more natural way that makes this look stand apart from the other common barrel curl. Add some small braids here and there if you want an unexpected and creative twist.

Black Curly Pixie

10 Black weave hair

This style is strong proof that hair is the richest ornament a woman can own. Marvel at the way that large curls rest lazily upon your crown. This hairstyle is too long to form tight coils but short enough to deliver bounded volume. Notice that the soft tapering at the temples which graduates into deliberate sideburns to add even more depth of character.

Black Wavy Weave Hairstyles

Jet Black Wavy Weaves

11 Black weave hair

If you are looking for something that gives you more or a natural look, this weave hairstyle is for you. Jet black wavy long hair with perfect waves to accentuate the facial feature will be the best solution, your best friend while your natural hairs are taking a break!

Jet Black Bob Wavy Weave Hairstyle

12 Black weave hair

Another stunning hairstyle that looks pretty impressive with your dark black weave is this short length wavy bob. It is known as the perfect weave hairstyle for medium hair. To apply this look, simply blow-dry all of your hair in place or use heat to style it. Very easy to maintain and even easier to achieve, this hairdo will stay in place all day wherever you go.

Black Weave Hair from APOHAIR

With more than 20 years of experience, APOHAIR is a reliable company on the hair extensions market. You can visit our factory and office to buy wig if you are in Vietnam or you can shop online from anywhere with our shipping policy. Visit the website here!


13 Black weave hair

At APOHAIR, all our kinds of weave and hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. At the factory, we completely say no with synthetic hair, chemicals and harmful tools. As you know, making a weave and hair extensions is very complicate and requires flexible technique and skillful staff. Our customers can totally believe in all the products we supply.

14 Black weave hair

Beside weave hair, APOHAIR’s hair extensions are also available for you to choose in: Bulk, tape-in, clip-in and keratin hair.

Coming to APOHAIR’s black weave and any other products, we can guarantee that our hair:

  • No tangles, no shedding, no split ends
  • Soft, smooth and beautiful
  • Adds subtle length for daily hairstyles.
  • Double drawn for thick and healthy tips

Hair standard of weave in Apohair

There’re several hair standards required in APOHAIR that can give you complete satisfaction when choosing our hair extensions.

  • Single drawn: You can actually find a single drawn set of hair extensions as they’re usually sold at a rather low price. However, a piece of single drawn extensions can contain different length hair as they are not as carefully done as the other two.
  • Double drawn: This one is of our company priority as compared to the previous choice, single drawn extensions are not only thicker but also fair in terms of length distribution.
  • Super double drawn (Double-drawn type 2): Nearly 100% of the strands in super double drawn extensions are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your original lock. The fact that the super double drawn hair’s quality, as compared to the other types, is superior, this type of hair extensions can be costly depending on how long the hair you want to buy is.

APOHAIR is now having 4 main standards for hair: Single Drawn Type 1&2, and Double Drawn Type 1&2, which have quite the same features as the 3 standards above. APOHAIR’s black weave hair comes in the same standards as mentioned above.

Textures of black weave hair at APOHAIR

At APOHAIR, we designed many textures of Weave hair for you to choose. There are 3 main textures with 12 versions: Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy and Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly.

Length and colors

15 Black weave hair

Length sizes of weave hair or any other types of hair extensions at APOHAIR are available for you to choose from 6-32 inches. Just tell us in advance the length you want for us to prepare if it’s a bit longer than normal.

Black is a popular color of weave and hair extensions that is best-sell at APOHAIR. In addition, after many tries, we created a wide array of different colors for you choose. They can be traditional or modern colors, warm tone or ash tone or even ombre and mix colors. Just come with us. The choice is yours!!!

Are you interested in these black weave hair mentioned above? Feel free to tell us your thought in the comment section below. Keep supporting us and don’t forget to follow and visit our website for more beauty tips, news, how-to guides and more detail about all of our hair extensions. Thank for your time!

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