Top easy weave hairstyles you should updates for 2020

In modern life, women have more options when they want to change their hairstyles, regardless of color, length or texture. When it comes to different types of hair extensions, some people may confuse as they are standing among incredible methods. Tape hair, clip in hair, sew-in hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal. After all, weave hair extensions stills remain as the most popular method drawing much attention. In today’s post, we are gathering a list of easy weave hairstyles you could try for 2020.

What is easy weave hairstyles?

Weave hairstyle comes from the weaving method, in which people will sew hair extensions to their natural hair. The hair receives much love from users as it acts as a protective blanket for the natural hair. Weave is the best partner that protects our real hair from everyday wear and or some styling tools.

weave hair

There are different types of weave hairstyles which are created from various methods such as lace closure, lace frontal, weave (sew-in hair). All these methods require a lot of skill and experience as you can only achieve the most natural look with your new hairstyle when you are able to make hair extensions blend with your natural hair.

Weave hair is favored as it is undetectable when applied to your natural hair. Here, we are talking about its ability to blend with your hair. Especially, you should choose human hair extensions for the whole installation. When it is human hair, it can perfectly blend with your real hair. This will help create the most natural-looking, allowing you to be more confident. Even, other people cannot realize that you are wearing hair extensions.

As you might know, weave hair extensions can be made of human hair or synthetic hair. Although synthetic hair is sold at quite cheap prices in comparison with human hair, it is not really perfect. The most outstanding feature you can guess is that synthetic hair can never bring the natural look as human hair does. Also, synthetic fibers can melt at high temperatures, leading to some negative effects and damages to your hair & scalp. Through what we’ve analyzed, we highly recommend that you should choose human hair extensions for the most flawless look.

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Easy weave hairstyles

Perfect as it might be, weave hairstyle can take a quite long time to apply (about 3 to 4 hours for the whole application), especially if you are a newcomer to hair extensions. However, to get a new and gorgeous hairstyle, time is never a matter, right?  And now we are here to share with you some easy weave hairstyles for a weave that you can try to achieve your desired look.

Long black weave

long black weave hair

Long hairstyle is no doubt one of the most attractive styles that many women are pursuing. No complicated color or texture, just a set of 28 inch or 30 inch hair extensions are enough for you. Even it is in black color, you can still feel that you are eye-catching. You see that side part can easily add glamour to the dark and sultry hairstyle. However, for simplicity, you just need to add a middle part. In addition, you can choose to add layers to blend and move naturally as if it was your own locks. Just pop in a few curls and you are turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Voluminous weave with a side part

weave hairstyles

You think that it is nearly impossible to add more volume to your weave. However, you can completely do that by some hair hacks. Here, adding volume to weave hairstyle will allow anyone who is suffering from the finest hair to have opportunity to change their hair thickness. Yes, you should try using a round brush to blow dry your hair and touch up any areas with your large barreled curling iron to achieve that style. In this situation, a side part hairstyle would be the best choice as it will balance the volume and create short face-framing.

Wet look

weave hairstyles

It’s important to know that wavy and curly hair extensions will look extremely gorgeous when you are getting a wet look. Here, a set of nice wet and wavy hair extensions is needed. Also, with proper method and products, creating this look is just in your hand and you are going to have an awesome look throughout the day.

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Silver balayage weave

weave hair

Well, you can’t stand feeling satisfied if you own this look thanks to the installation of silver balayage weave. Let’s see the granny grey hair trend this year and the silver balayage is sure to not make you disappointed.

Multicolor highlight

weave hairstyles

Have you ever thought that it’s hard to find multicolor highlights these days? If yes, you are wrong. With the development of the hair industry, it is now easier than ever to find new dynamic hair colors such as highlight or ombre. What you need to do is just choosing the suitable ones to mix, which can blend well with your natural locks.

APO hair’s weave hair

APO hair is now providing many types of weave hair extensions. The most incredible thing you can get from our hair is that it is made of 100% human remy hair which can perfectly blend with your natural hair during the application process. Also, don’t worry about the cost of our products. We have tried to supply our hair extensions at the most reasonable and flexible prices. Various textures, colors, lengths and standards in thousands of products in APO hair are here.

All the best items are ready for you to order. Believe us, weave hairstyle will by all means help you get a newer, fuller and longer hairstyle. Try it and tell us if you are satisfied with what you choose. Also, don’t forget to visit our website for the latest updates about our products, promotions, sales and hot news. Many thanks for reading!