Tricks and tips on how to dye a wig


Sometimes, you may want to change the color of your wig to have a brand-new style. Re-coloring a wig is not a difficult math, but if you don’t get the basic how-to, you may ruin it eventually. So today, let figure out how to dye a wig correctly and you can rock a stunning look now.

Synthetic wig or Human hair wig?

Can you dye a wig?” Wig users often confront with the big concern when they want to change the color of their wig is can their wig be dyed. The answer is yes, for both types of wig, synthetic, and human hair. However, human hair wigs are more preferable for the dying process than synthetic hair. This is because the synthetic fibers will be simply burnt out when exposing with normal hair dye. But that does not mean there is no way to nail it, and the most common way is to dye a synthetic wig with fabric dye instead of using hair dye. For a human hair wig, the dying method is much like that of natural hair.

How to dye a synthetic wig?

What you need

Fabric dye with the color you want

A large pot


Specialized shampoo and conditioner for wigs

How to dye a synthetic wig with fabric dye effectively?

Please note that this method is applicable to a synthetic wig that is heat resistant. You can re-check the type of your synthetic wig before you start.


Step 1: Comb your wig and brush out any knot. Don’t skip this step, or else your wig will become a mess after dying. You should use a wide-tooth comb and gently brush from the bottom to the top of your wig.

Step 2: Fill the water into the large pot and boil it. When it almost boils, mix the fabric dye into the pot and then submerge your wig into the mixture. Remember to turn off the stove and leave it there for a few minutes. If you want a pastel color, put the wig for only some seconds and take it out. When you put your wig into the pot, use the tongs to turn over the wig so that the entire wig can absorb the dye.

Step 3: Take your wig out of the pot and rinse it under a running faucet. Then, apply some shampoo to clean the dye out. Rinse it again with water until you see the water runs clear. It’s better to use some hair conditioner to make the hair strands soften after the dying process and clean it with water.

Step 4: Let your wig air dry on a wig stand. Remember to detangle it and restyle the texture if you have a curly wig since the hot water has tangled your wig and straighten the curls. And now, you have a new synthetic wig with the color you want.

How to dye a human hair wig?

What you need


Hair dye with the color of your choice

20 volume hair developer

Plastic bowl

Rubber gloves

Shampoo and conditioner

A clean towel

Guide on dying a human hair wig

Step 1: Put on your rubber gloves and mix the hair dye with the 20 volume developer into a plastic bowl. The instructions of the hair dye and developer already state the ratio for the mixture. You can simply read them and mix them. The reason you need to hold the mixture into a plastic bowl rather than a metal one is that the hair dye can be oxidized by the metal. The same thing goes to the spoon you use to mix.

Step 2: Put your human hair wig into the bowl and soak it in the dye. Make sure the dye covers all the layers of your wig. Be careful in order not to rub the hair and damage it. If you want to test the hair dye before applying it on the whole wig, you can use a paintbrush and apply the dye into a small section of hair that is not easily seen. Wait for about 30 minutes to see the result. If you don’t like the color, re-mix the dye with another shade.

Place your wig into the mannequin head to keep its shape and style, but remember to put a towel or plastic bag around the mannequin head to avoid stains from the dye dripping down. After that, to make your wig look natural with the new hair dye, use a comb or wig brush to distribute the dye evenly onto the wig and check your wig every 10 minutes.


Step 3: After 30 minutes, rinse your wig under water to remove the excess dye and shampoo it. It’s better to use color-safe shampoo to keep the color. After finish washing, you can apply some conditioner to the tips of the hair to add some shine. Remember not to use the conditioner on the roots of the wig so as not to make the hair fall out.

Step 4: Use a clean towel to pat dry the wig and remove the excess water. Then, bring it to the wig stand and let it air dry.

And now you can get started and dye your own wig. However, please take notice that too much dying will not bring the best result. It only shortens the life of your wig eventually. Hence, it’s better to consider carefully before each time you want to dye your wig.

Above are the tips on how to dye a wig. We hope that you can make a brilliant transformation for your wig and rock your day. Thank you for reading.