What Are The Pros and Cons of Weft Hair Extensions?

The long luscious hair locks maybe the dream of any girl. And the fastest way to add length and volume to your hair is applying hair extensions. With the larger and larger demand for using hair extensions and hairpieces for beauty purposes, there are now so many types of hair extensions in the market. If you feel confused about the various types in range, let divide them into 3 main sections according to the installing method, namely: weft, strand by strand, and clip extensions. And today, let dwell on weft hair extensions so that we can have a clear look at this type of hair extension before you decide to opt for one.

Pros and cons of weft hair extensions

What Is Weft Extensions?

People also call weft extensions as weaves since the 2-4-inch-wide hair weft can be attached to the real hair in rows by sewing or weaving. The two most common ways of applying the hair wefts are tape-in and sew-in or weave method.

Weft hair extensions
Definition off weft hair extensions

The Demand for Buying Weft Hair Extensions

The allure of weft extensions has surged in recent years, driven by their versatility and natural look. Wefts offer individuals the opportunity to achieve desired length, volume, and texture effortlessly. As the demand for these extensions grows, it’s essential to understand their benefits, drawbacks, and different types available in the market. Whether you’re seeking a quick style transformation or a more gradual enhancement, weft hair has become a go-to choice for those looking to elevate their hair game. Explore the reasons behind the increasing demand for weft extensions and embark on your own journey towards stunning locks.

Wetf Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Sew-in or weave hair extensions are ideal for people with coarse, curly, or thick hair. In this method, you will need to create a horizontal cornrow in your hair. Then, sew your weft hair extensions into the braid. The method is literally “woven” through your hair. And it especially popular among African women because their naturally thick hair is perfect to hide braid for view.


  • An ideal selection for thick hair
  • The application does not involve heat or glue, thereby easing the process and reducing the damage to your bio hair
  • A quick and effective way to add length and volume to your hair. Therefore, this method is recommendable for people with short hair.
  • With sew-in installation, there will be no visible gaps, making the extensions look incredibly natural.
  • You won’t have to worry about the weft hair extensions slipping out of your hair unless the braids become loose. Hence, you can use oil or silicone-based styling products for your hair.
  • With proper maintenance, weave hair extensions can last for up to 2 to 3 months
Pros of weft hair extensions
Weft hair extensions – an ideal selection for thick hair


  • The application can take several hours, so make sure you prepare some snacks to enjoy the waiting time.
  • The hair extensions can cause uncomfortable tension to your head. And you may suffer from traction alopecia and headaches after installing.
  • It’s important to wash the hair extension on a regular basis. If not, it will get dirty and lead to infection to your scalp.
  • With this sew-in method, you will have fewer hair styling options since there’s a high possibility that the cornrow will be seen.


  • You should detangle the hair before washing and going to sleep. But remember to do it gently to avoid making additional tension. Also, don’t get too close to the joint so as not to make it loosen.
  • Wash your hair once to twice a week with a mild shampoo and try not to touch the sewn part. You can also massage your hair using circular motions while shampooing.
  • To condition your hair, you need to apply the product from just below the joints. Make sure not to use too much conditioner where the extensions connect with your natural hair. Or else, your extensions may loosen and fall out.
Hair extensions maintenance
Regular hair extensions care to last their longevity

Pros and Cons of Hand Tied Extensions

Because of their natural appearance and lightweight feel, hand tied extensions have grown in favor. However, as with any hair extension process, they have pros and pitfalls. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of hand tied extensions so you can make an informed decision:


  • Natural Appearance: Hand knotted extensions are well-known for their natural-looking combination with natural hair.
  • Flexible: The lightweight wefts and flexible installation process ensure that you can wear it without straining your scalp.
  • Adaptability: Hand knotted extensions provide numerous styling options, ranging from updos to braids, letting you to experiment with diverse looks.
  • Minimal Damage: Because the process does not use heat or adhesives, proper installation and maintenance can result in minimal harm..
  • Lifespan: Hand knotted extensions can last several months if properly cared for, making them a cost-effective option.
Pros of hand tied extensions
Hand-tied weft extensions from Apohair


  • Time-consuming Application: Applying the hand knotted method can be time-consuming, frequently necessitating several hours at the salon.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to prevent tangling and matting caused by the method’s natural integration.
  • Skill-dependent: Hand knotted extensions require a qualified stylist who is knowledgeable in the procedure to provide the best results.
  • Cost: Due to the unique skill set required for installation, hand knotted extensions can be more expensive.
  • Blending: While the extensions blend well with natural hair, folks with shorter or thicker hair may find it more difficult to achieve a smooth blend.

Before deciding on hand tied extensions, consider your lifestyle, preferences, and maintenance commitment. Consultation with a skilled stylist will assist you in determining whether this procedure is appropriate for your hair goals and needs.

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Micro Weft Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Micro weft extensions are well-known as an excellent choice for ladies who enjoy a stylish look on a daily basis. However, before discussing micro weft extensions reviews, you should be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hair extensions. Even the best weft hair extensions are not without problems.

The Pros:  

Micro weft hair extensions are absolutely safe for your hair because there is no adhesive or binding. Weft hair extensions are completely safe for your hair because they include no adhesive or binding.

  • They are easily adjustable and simple to remove the extension.
  • When the micro weft technique is used, it creates a bouncy and natural appearance.
  • It is more durable and lasts longer than most other forms of extensions, lasting up to 6 months or more.
  • These extensions can be completed in one hour by competent salon personnel. They are also recyclable and versatile when it comes to style.
  • The connectors are durable and kind to your hair.
  • You can color your hair without damaging the bonds that hold your hair together.
  • You can style them just like your own hair, which means you have an infinite number of styling options. To avoid further damage, use a heat guard.
  • They cost less than other types of hair extensions.
Pros of micro weft hair extensions
Micro wefts change your look

The Cons:

  • If your hair is damaged, these machine weft hair extensions are not for you.
  • They can take up to three hours to install (one of the longest application techniques).
  • You may experience headaches (for many days after the application). You may suffer scalp soreness and itching for the first few weeks following use.
  • It is also not appropriate if you have thin hair, since it causes breaking and shedding, finally leading to the worst hair.


So above are the two applying methods of weft hair extensions. Let consider its pros and cons and you can choose the most suitable one for you.

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