10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions: Definition, Reason, Price from Apohair

If someday you are fed up with your current straight hairstyle, what would you do? Going to a hair salon and have a new haircut or stay at home and style the hair your way? If you choose the latter, let’s find the best support from hair extensions.

10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions

In this blog, Apohair would like to recommend to you a very hot hair item these days – 10 inch wavy hair extensions. Guess what it is and read what we are writing here to make sure that you are right. Let’s get started.

What Are 10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions?

Wavy hair is a popular choice among individuals looking to change their hairstyles. It falls between straight and curly hair in terms of texture, typically featuring loose waves. Wavy hair offers a fresh and dynamic appearance, making it increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation.

To distinguish wavy hair from curly hair, one can focus on the tightness of the curls. Wavy hair boasts loose curls, while curly hair exhibits tighter curls.

What are 10 inch wavy hair extensions
What are 10-inch wavy hair extensions?

Now, let’s discuss 10 inch hair length of wavy hair extensions based on the hair length chart. These extensions are designed to provide you with a wavy hairstyle without the need for a trip to the salon or the use of curling tools. So, how long is 10 inch hair? With a length of approximately 10 inches of hair (25 centimeters), these extensions are ideal for short or bob hairstyles.

Why Choose Apohair’s 10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions?

10 inch wavy hair extension is a great choice for many customers around the world. Why does it become so popular? Be with us to find out some key factors right now.

Best Quality – 100% Remy Hair

If you have ever heard about Apohair, then you might know that we are one of the biggest companies in Vietnam in terms of exporting hair to the international market. There is no doubt that all types of hair products in our collection are from 100% Vietnamese Remy hair.

What are typical methods for 10 inch wavy hair extensions
100% Remy hair

We’ve collected hair from Vietnamese women who live in many different regions in the country, chosen the best hair to make extensions. When we tell about Remy hair, it means all hair cuticles remains and face the same direction. In addition, we mix no chemical or synthetic hair during our hair production. You can trust in us about this.

Various In Textures

Straight, wavy and curly are three main groups of textures for every type of hair extensions in Apohair. However, today, we will emphasize more on wavy hair. In fact, Apohair’s collection includes many different textures in the group of wavy texture. We have:

– Natural wavy hair

– Deep wavy hair

– Bouncy wavy hair

– Fumi wavy hair

– Body wavy hair

– Roll bouncy wavy hair

Various In Color

Along with hair texture, hair color is also important. It is also the decisive factor that decides what your hairstyle looks like with hair extensions. In Apohair, we provide different colors for you to choose. It can be black, brown, blonde, mix, ombre or red color.

Hair extensions of Apohair
Hair extensions of Apohair

What Are Typical Types of Hair Extensions for 10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions?

Weave Hair Extensions

It’s difficult to identify which is the best wavy hair extensions. When all the hair strands in the same bundle are sewn into a long line, we call it a weave. This hair extension is usually applied by the weaving method, in which people braid the natural hair into cornrows first and then use a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid or cornrow.

10 inch wavy weave hair extensions
Weft hair

We highly recommend that you should only use 10 inches hair sew-in style for thicker hair because of the way the hair is applied. In general, weave application is a quite long process which may put a strain on the scalp. That makes your scalp feel very heavy or even damage thin/lighter hair. Many women choose weave hair as it is nearly the most permanent and seamless method. The hair in the application of weave is literally sewn into your natural hair and can’t come off.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are just what they sound like. This method describes the kind of hair extensions in which all the hair in the same bundle is attached to a piece of tape. Girls choose tape hair as it is easy to apply and also it is reusable. However, there is one thing you should take note in the application of tape hair. With tape extensions, you need to be extremely careful when using hair conditioners or other hair products since this can make the tape to come loose or even slip off.

If you get used to using tape hair, you will easily know that this is a very common issue when applying these hair extensions. That’s why professional hairstylists always recommend you use special shampoo, conditioner and styling products that are less harsh and not too oily. That can help you make sure that the glue or tape continues to stick to your hair. At that time, you can style the hair any way you want because you are using our human hair extensions. Remember, watch out for the roots where the tape is attached to your hair.

10 inch wavy tape in hair extensions

Hardly can we deny that clip in hair is the least permanent method of hair extensions. The reason is that you can quickly remove it and then put it back on whenever you like. It is also the fastest method among many types of hair extensions. Unlike weave hair or tape hair, clip in hair only takes from 5 to 15 minutes for the whole application at home.

This method is also known as the least damaging because it doesn’t include any chemicals, heat, pressure or other installation methods. It is simply clipped onto your natural hair, making sure that there is zero damage to your natural hair.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions in Apohair include for distinct types which are I tip, U tip, V tip and flat tip hair. The difference among these methods lies in the shape in the top of the hair. Although they are made of high-quality keratin, the tip can be in U, V, I or flat tip shape. Depending on the type you choose, you will find a suitable way to apply. Workers in Apohair’s factory have produced these hair extensions with high-quality keratin so you don’t need to worry about the quality of our 10 inch hair extensions.

10 inch wavy keratin hair extensions
Keratin tip

What Are The Prices of Apohair’s 10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions? 

You might think that when we supply human hair, we will sell our hair products at high prices. We don’t deny this. When our products are in good quality, we will have suitable prices. However, Apohair has made every effort to provide you our hair extensions at the most flexible and reasonable prices. If you are wondering about the prices of any hair products in our collection, please contact us directly so that we can support you in the quickest way.

Prices of Apohair’s 10 inch wavy hair extensions
What are the prices of Apohair’s 10 inch hair extensions?

Our 10 inch wavy hair extension is a hair product that is in a quite short length. That means it will be sold at cheaper price in comparison to other types of hair extensions. The price of this product also depends on the hair texture, hair color and hair standard you choose for it. Normally, hair extensions will lower standard or darker color own cheaper prices whereas hair with higher standard or lighter shade will be at higher prices.


In conclusion, mastering the art of applying 10 inch wavy hair extensions can open up a world of versatile and captivating hairstyles. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change, the popular techniques discussed here, combined with high-quality extensions from Apohair, can help you achieve the hair transformation you desire. Embrace the beauty of waves, express your unique style, and enjoy the confidence that comes with a stunning wavy hairstyle. Don’t hesitate to explore these techniques and embark on your journey towards hair perfection.

Visit our website Apohair to get the latest updates about our products and promotions. We are ready to provide you with the best hair extensions. Also, Apohair is proud to be the largest hair factory in Vietnam. With more than 25 years of expertise, we are the #1 Vietnamese Hair Factory. Therefore, we can provide all hair extensions to meet your demands from sizes, shapes to colors and lengths.

Apohair – the best Vietnamese hair supplier for your choice.

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