It is common knowledge that yogurt is an amazing ingredient in many beauty remedies. It is good for not only skin but also hair. Thus, to people who are looking for a natural way to take care of your hair, yogurt is a great idea. With only yogurt or even yogurt in the combination with many other natural ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, etc., your hair will be shiny and attractive.

Before going further into how to use yogurt in hair care remedies, it is important to know why it is good for hair. It is said that yogurt is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which help eliminate dandruff and itchiness. Moreover, it is a kind of natural conditioner helping your hair maintain its natural texture. Moreover importantly, with yogurt, you can take care of your hair naturally without using chemicals which can affect the quality of hair in the long-run.

Now, it is time to see how we can use yogurt to keep your hair healthy and shiny.


With many healthy features, yogurt alone is quite effective in caring for your hair. To start, you whip some fresh yogurt and apply it on your scalp and hair from roots to tips. Then, leave it for about 30 minutes and the last step is washing it off with lukewarm water.

Yogurt with lemon and honey

Yogurt is good, yogurt with lemon and honey is even better. It is a great hair mask from these natural and fresh ingredients. To make this kind of hair mask, you need two tablespoons of yogurt with a few drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. First, you mix them together until having a fine paste. Then, apply it on your hair and cover your head with a shower cap. After about half an hour, wash it off with water. Repeat this way sometimes, you will get shiny and gorgeous hair.

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Yogurt with honey and olive oil

This is an amazing combination as olive oil goes well with honey which is rich in the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Applying this tip, you can maintain your healthy and smooth hair. To start, you need some ingredients: a cup of yogurt, three teaspoons of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Similar to the above tip, you mix them well to get a smooth hair mask. Do the same as you do with yogurt-lemon-honey remedy. To get the best result, it is vital to apply it once a week.

Yogurt with honey and coconut oil

This combination is good for frizzy and unmanageable hair. These natural ingredients provide your hair with deep conditioning to moisturize your hair. Mix a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil and two tablespoons of yogurt together to have a hair mask. It takes some minutes to apply this on your hair. It is best to do it once a week.

Above are some tips with yogurt to take care of your natural hair. If you apply these tips exactly and regularly, your hair will be smooth, shiny and easy to avoid dry hair issues. Besides hair care, it is also necessary to boost your hair look with some hair extensions. Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand can help you. With many extensions products in a variety of types and length levels from 8 inches to 24 inches hair extensions, you are spoilt for choice to make your hairstyle stunning and glamorous.