What is a closure and why should you master one now

A closure, or lace closure, is a familiar item with hair extension users. This basic hairpiece has been around for such a long time, but it has never failed to attract fashionistas and women of all ages. So today, let learn more about this beautiful hair item to know why it receives so much love.

What is a closure?

A closure is one of the basic types of hair extension. With this hairpiece, the hair strands are tied into a lace base. Lace closure is often placed at the “horseshoe” position of the head; therefore, as it names states, it is often meant to close the style. Normally, people use it with several human hair bundles to create a sew in with closure or a closure wig.

Types of closures

There are several ways to categorize this hairpiece, but in this blog post, we will section it according to the type of base and parting.

According to base formation

Silk base closures: Silk base closures have a thick fabric, which making it more durable. And at the same time, it provides plenty of ventilation so that users won’t feel comfortable when wearing even in warm climates.

Monofilament closures: This type is formed with a mesh applied in a single-strand method. It’s ideal for stiffer hairstyles with full bangs since it maintains the original shape of hair at incredible ease.


Skin-polyurethane closure: This one has a thin and flexible silicone base to bring the illusion of a natural scalp. However, the minus point of this closure is the lack of ventilation, which makes it not suitable for hot summer days.

Hybrid closure: This is a perfect item to create a natural hairline. Durability and high density, especially in the monofilament areas, are what makes hybrid closure stand out in the market.

Invisible part closure: With this type, weft hairs are sewn into a mesh base. The great thing about it is the oblong shape that fits it in different face shapes.

According to parting

Free part: You can make parting anywhere you want.

Middle part: Although it is set in middle part, users can still make the part in different positions by using some water and re-parting with a comb.

Three-part: Unlike the normal lace closure, three-part allows you to have three different partings. Hence, you can create more hairstyles with it.


Advantages of using lace closures

Texture is not a problem

Closure hair piece comes in every texture to help the users expand their options and diversify their look. So, what you need to do is just let your hair down and try out different textures, even the ones that you often feel shy.

Many options for parting

Gone were the days that lace closure can only come with middle part and side part. Today, with a free-part, you can have multiple ways to create your part and pull your hair off your face while remaining a natural hairline.

Coloring your way

Most lace closures in the market is natural brown or black. Yet, with a human hair one, the intact cuticle will allow you to chemically lighten or darken your hairpiece with the hue you love. And you won’t have to worry about matching the color of your weave to your leave out, which can damage your bio hair.


Low Maintenance

It depends on how you install the hairpiece to determine how you should take care of it. In general, however, it requires very little to no maintenance. It just involves washing, conditioning, and styling. For night maintenance, simply wrap your hair with a scarf or wear a bonnet before you go to bed and you should be all set!

Perfect Protective Style

The fact that you braid underneath your weave and closure allows you to get a protective styling. Your bio hair can have a break from flat-ironing, product build-up, excessive styling, heat exposure, etc.

Hair line loss

For ladies with thin hairline and hair loss, a closure covering your hairline naturally will be a smart way to give you beautiful looks instantly. For a more natural look, you can choose to bleach the area where the parting is, so the knots of the lace are not visible.

Where to find the best lace closure?

APOHAIR offers a wide range of lace closure 4×4 and lace closure 5×5, the most common sizes among users, on our online store system. Just by some clicks to opt for a length and color shade, you can have a human hair lace closure to be delivered within several business days.

And what’s more?

As a wig supplier, APOHAIR also includes a stunning section for lace closure wigs along with a premium GALAXY COLLECTION with various bundles with closure for wig or full weave making. What we target is to create the best shopping experience to the customers.

So now, you already get the answer for “What is closure?” and all other things around it. If you have any questions regarding this hairpiece, let send us in the comment section or contact our 24/7 support team. Thank you for reading.

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