What Is A Wig? How To Care For It? Features, Pros & Cons

When you need some instant solutions to conceal your hair loss problem, you may consider between weave, wig and hair extensions. In general, they are similar, but they serve different purposes. Many women love and adore their hair extensions. Easily realize that it’s proven one of the most popular and effortless ways to revive one’s lock and create a full and long look.

What is a Wig

However, wig basically do the same job, and they might look like a simpler option for some girls, in some situations. If you have never thought about using wigs instead of hair extensions, the blog post below may change your mind, let’s discover “What is a wig?“.

What Is A Wig?

Let’s start by addressing the question, “What is a wig?” A wig is known as a head covering made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. Simply speaking, a wig is like a hat that people can wear on and off easily. It consists of a cap with hair attached. Some people wear wig to conceal baldness and a wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to medical treatment for restoring hair or for a religious reason.

Pros & Cons Of A Wig

Wigs are definitely one of the best instant choices to cover up baldness or to completely transform their hairstyle without having to make a permanent change. Now, let’s explore the pros and cons of wearing a wig


  • Infinite style options and looks: Instead of coloring your own natural hair, you can choose to wear a wig to change your hairstyle and hair color easily to suit the occasion. By the way, when covering your hair, a wig can save your original hair from harsh bleach and chemicals.
  • Lower price and longer lifespan: If you maintain and care for a wig properly, it will last a really long time. In other words, it helps you save a lot money to change a new one.
Pros & Cons of a Wig
Pros & Cons of a Wig
  • Protect your natural hair: Not only does the wig completely cover up the damaged strands and give you perfect hair, but it also gives time for the damaged strands to recover. While your locks are underneath the wig, they are not exposed to any harmful factors from the outside such as active sun, poor products, and hot tools.


  • Reinstall daily: It’s better for you to take off the wigs daily. It’s not a good choice to sleep or shower with your wigs on.
  • Not secure enough: It’s not as secure because it isn’t sewn on

Specific Advantages Of Owning A Wig

Adding Extra Length

Extending hair length is one of the main reasons girls buy and wear human hair wigs and hair extensions. The concept is very simple. When your locks are very short, and you want them to be longer without waiting for months. You can choose the desired length of the wig, put it on and hide your short strands. These length sizes are always available to meet your demand and for you to choose from. They usually range from about six to thirty-two inches.

Adding extra length
Adding extra length

Adding Extra Volume

Buy a wig, let it add some extra thickness to your hair and results are instant! You will look fresher, healthier, more confident and certainly a lot more glamorous. You can choose a wig between different densities, going from low to high density. So, what is density in a wig?

Wig density refers to how thick or thin the hair appears on the wig cap. If you aren’t satisfied with the original wig you have just bought, you can trim or style it to get the thickness you want. A perfect wig can make a huge difference and you can finally have that diva hair you have been dreaming about.

Solution For Hair Loss

In case you’re wondering, ‘What is a wig?’ and why a wig can help you with your hair loss, keep reading. If you experience hair loss due to an illness like cancer, regardless of whether it’s mild or severe, we recommend that you go with a hairpiece. This is a situation where a wig is definitely the best because it is designed for that thing only! Giving you the hair when you don’t have your own.

Best solution for hair loss
Solution for hair loss

For a long time, wigs have been lifesavers for people who are going through such a heartbreaking thing as hair loss and are still the best choice. Also, while you’re getting treated, your natural tresses will have time to recover. Basically, they will start growing again!

Solution For Thin Hair

Many girls with very thin strands are opting out for a wig. When your hair is thin, it’s also weak and a wig is actually a great choice. All you need to do is wearing the hairpiece on and your natural hair is safely hidden away underneath. Also, when looking from the outside, you get to have luscious, thick strands.

Solution For Short Hair

If your strands are very short and you want to have longer locks, just get a wig. The great thing about hairpieces is that you don’t need to have any hair at all to wear them. Unlike other alternative solutions such as hair extensions that require you must have at least 5-10 inches of hair to blend properly and look good.

Solution for short hair
Solution for short hair

The Best Solution For Damaged Hair

Not only can a wig completely cover up the damaged strands and give you perfect hair, but it also gives time for the damaged strands to recover. While your locks are underneath the wig, they are not exposed to any harmful factors from the outside such as active sun, poor products, and hot tools. Your hair will be safely tucked away and it means it’s time your hair can recuperate much faster.

Where To Get A Wig?

At A Wig/hair Extensions Shop/company

You can get recommendations for local wig shops or specialists through cancer organizations, your hospital’s cancer center, or through your hairdresser. Some wig specialists will come to your home, provide you additional privacy and then you can have your own wig.

Apohair's wigs
Apohair’s wigs


Like most things nowadays, with the development of payment and technology, you can shop for a wig online. Online shop and retailers have a large selection of wigs in every color, length, and style. Some can consult over the phone or via email to help you find the right style for you. This can also be a better option if you’d prefer more privacy when staying at home and selecting your wig.

Buying online on reliable website
Buying online on reliable website

Apohair is a reliable company. 100% all our wig and hair extensions are made of Remy human hair. You can visit our factory and office to buy wig if you are in Vietnam or you can shop online from anywhere with our shipping policy. Visit our website here.

Through A Charity Program

Instead of paying money for a wig (and possibly getting reimbursed for some or all of the cost through your health insurance company), you can also have a wig for free through joining in programs of the American Cancer Society or other non-profit organizations (search google “Covering the cost of a wig” for more info).

Through a charity program
Through a charity program

Wherever you decide to shop for a wig, be sure to be clear about all return and exchange policies. You may have to try on several wigs at home and return some of them to find out the best, or you may decide after trying some on that you don’t want to opt for a wig at all. So, it’s useful to know in advance if there will be restocking fees or other limitations on returns.

How To Care For Your Wig?

With a good storage hair care routine, a synthetic wig should last for 3 to 5 months and a human hair wig should last 9 months to a year of daily wear. Here are some guides for you to keep your wig looking good for as long as possible.

– Wash and condition your wig every after 8-10 times of wearing

– Remember to give your wig “time off” on occasion by using a turban, scarf, or hat.

How to care for your wig
How to care for your wig

– If you have a standard synthetic wig, keep it away from intense heat, heat tools such as an oven, grill, outdoor heater, or an open flame, because your wig could melt. In most cases, try not to use heated styling tools or a hairdryer on a synthetic wig unless it is labeled “heat friendly” or “heat defiant”.

– If you’d like help with styling, shaping, or cleaning your wig, you should take it to a professor or a special hairdresser.

– When you’re not wearing your wig, store it on a wig stand somewhere at your home that exposes as little sunlight, heat, moisture, and dust as possible. By the way, you can make your own wig stand with two 64-ounce plastic soda bottles.

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Different Types of Wig Caps

Different types of cap designs focus on providing the user one or more of the following benefits: adding extra volume at the crown, providing multi-directional parting, providing a more natural hairline, stimulating natural hair growth, or allowing scalp cooling and comfort. Some wig caps can combine two or more of these benefits in one design. When searching and deciding to buy the right wig cap, it is important to be clear about which of these benefits you need most.

Different Types of Wig Caps
Different Types of Wig Caps

We trust that you now have a clear understanding of “What is a wig?” and the pros and cons associated with wigs. How do you think about it? We’d like to hear all your thoughts and opinions so, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below.

If you are interested in the article, keep following our website for more tips and guides. Apohair, your reliable Vietnamese hair supplier, is here to assist you with all your wig and hair extension needs.  Thank you for your attention!!!

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