What is weft hair? 3 types of wefts for modern urban girls

I love my hectic city life. Living in one of the most dynamic cities in Asia has its ups and downs. And even the different kinds of cities offer different kinds of stresses, I always think that urban jungles wear on us all the same. I hate how my hair always has to go through so much stress and pollutions. Sometimes I feel like I have not done enough or care enough for my tresses. This also spurs my interest in hair extensions and I start to research how I can protect my hair better. I start wondering: “what is hair weft?”; “Will they help my hair be stronger?”

Fast forward to today, me and my hair, we are on much better terms now. I have found extensions to be an extremely useful and elegant option for a modern urban jungle warrior like me. That’s why today, let’s talk about all the types of hair wefts that I have found to be helpful in protecting and elevating my hairstyles. I hope that these simple guides will give you some ideas for making better choices.

A basic introduction for total noobs

This part is for all girls/guys who are totally out of the loops. The hair weft is basically a type of hair extension product. It is made by having a bunch of hair sewn or wefted together to create bundles. Hair wefts fall into many different forms of categorization.


If you ever ask “What is weft hair extension?” I can not answer so readily because the weft hair has many features and ways of categorizations. It could be either synthetic or human hair, Chinese hair or Vietnamese hair, curly hair or straight hair. But most importantly, people called hair weft based on how they are made how they should be integrated into your natural hair. So when buying a bunch of new wefts, please make sure that you know whether you want sew-in or tape-in or hand-tied. Below are three common types every city-dwellers should take a serious look at.

Machine weft hair

How this type of weft is made is pretty evident in its name. Manufacturers sew the hair together by machine to create tracks. The length of the tracks depends on the weight of the bundle as well as the length of the hair strands. Usually, online stores would sell them in increments of 100 grams.

Machine wefts are what most people would associate when it comes to weft hair. While they are sewn into bundles with multiple tracks, hairstylist would usually cut them up and sew them into fine braids. This form of hair extension is super popular for a reason. They are versatile, durable, and offer so much styling potential. They are also easy to maintain compared to the tape hair and blend in well with your natural locks.

Tape-in hair extension

Tape-ins are hair weft that is pre-taped with the tape about one-inch wide. Lots of women have discovered tape-in hair and I can tell you, women like them a lot! Since tape-in hair is so easy to use, a lot of girls even skip going to salons entirely. You can do this all by yourself, with the right tools and mirror set up.

As the integration is done by tape, the removal process is quite easy and painless as well. All in all, they last up to 8 weeks and a safe, reliable way to add thickness to your bobs. A popular choice amongst women who suffer from hair loss, tape hair distributes the weight evenly, causing no tension problems. Go to a professional salon means that you don’t have to worry too much about gathering supplies. The re-installation process is also fairly easy.

Micro ring weft hair

This type works for all hairstyles, and that’s why hair salons love them so much. This method is superior to tape or quick weave since they will not apply any chemical or heat. This guarantees zero hair damage and you can keep reuse the hair weft. Micro ring hair extensions require little effort and skills to take off and the upkeep is kinda easy. You can style this hair with whatever styles you like, using various methods. Popular style girls I know prefer micro ring over other forms are highlights.


Wearing your weft without damaging your hair

Now that you have been shown some clear examples of what is weft hair. I also have to warn you that a certain form of weft or hairstyling technique will cause damage to your natural hair and scalp as well as the weave you spend your hard-earned money on. For me, to have a healthy hairline and minimize damage, I always follow these three tips:
+ Always use extensions that are lighter than my own hair. I don’t want to deal with hair thinning down the line
+ Take a hiatus from my weft-craze. Whether we want it or not, wearing hair extensions for a long period of time will weaken our hairlines so it’s best we take precautions to break.
+ Avoid too much heat: If you so very often style your hair with heat, you will eventually get breakage. That’s why I always keep my mantra: ” Restraint is the ultimate power”.

So there you have it. If there is one thing I need you to take away from this, it would be hair extension are a great fashion accessory and often time provides protective power while you wait for your hair to grow. But do wear your weft hair with considerations for your hairlines. Take all the precautions to choose the type that would benefit your hair in the long run. Take care, all of my lovely queens.

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