What You Should Know: Sew-in Weaves

How do you think celebs go from a lob to mermaid hair overnight? Well, let me tell you this – the red carpet has a secret: weaves. It’s no doubt that hair extensions have come a long way when it comes to quality and technology. And in the case of this round-up, it’s all about the beauty, functionality, and versatility of hair extensions, specifically the one and only sew-ins. But before you take the plunge, we’re sharing you some background on the sew-in weaves, so make sure to keep scrolling down to make the best decision when choosing your own hair extensions.

What You Should Know Sew-in Weaves

What’re Sew-in Weaves?

In case you’re wondering, just like its name, the sew-in weaves are extensions that are sewn into your natural braided hair, or sometimes a net. The hair itself is braided into a specific pattern, the pattern depends on the style that you are looking for. To get the most realistic style that you can, you can just leave some of the hair out on top and on the sides.

Sew-ins take the brunt out of having to style your hair daily, so instead of exposing your hair to thermal tools, combing and brushing, your sew-in offers the protection so you won’t damage your hair. A sew-in may feel a bit uncomfortable and foreign to your head. Nevertheless, the sensation will go away once you get used to the new position of your hair extensions. And, if you are getting extensions attached to cornrows that may be a tad bit tight – don’t panic – it’ll loosen up.

What You Should Know Sew-in Weaves

When Should We Use Sew-in Weaves?

#1 Long-lasting

It’s safe to say that the sew-in weaves are the best when it comes to choosing a long-lasting protective lock. Weaves can last very long from 6-12 weeks – crazy! Having said that, it’s not recommendable that you take the weaves any longer than that as it might not be the best option for your natural hair. 

#2 Time-saving

It’s safe to say that the sew-in weaves can save you a great amount of time that may otherwise be wasted when you manipulate your own lock. We all know that time is luxury to some, and obviously, many of you don’t have time to do sophisticated hairstyles every single day. With the help of the sew-in weaves, your life will be much easier, since your hair it’s mostly already done. That’s not to mention that they’re completely low maintenance, and let’s not forget how protective this hairstyle can be!

#3 Sweat-proof

If you sweat frequently, sew-in weaves might be your match made in heaven. In other words, sweat and sew-ins don’t mix. If you’re planning to have any wavy hairdos, don’t be hesitant because your sew-ins will keep your waves even when you don’t spend time on it with hot tools. 

What You Should Know Sew-in Weaves

When We Shouldn’t Have Sew-in Weaves?

Beneficial as it might be, there’re some difficulties one might face when getting the sew-in weaves

#1 Dealing with the Upkeep

Although the sew-ins are quite low-maintenance a hairstyle, it does require some regular maintenances. The reason for this is that your hair grows each month, thus you’ll need upkeep once your hair grows, especially when you have a frontal. Strands of hair are individually ventilated on closures and frontals and excessive tugging and heavy-handedness can cause them to go bald at which point they’ll need replacing.

#2 Dealing with Your Personal Hair

Sew-ins can only be your protective hair if you take good care of your own lock underneath. Always keep in mind that your natural strands also need moisture and cleanse regularly. Also, make sure to let your lock fully dry when you wash it to prevent mildew. 

Synthetic vs. Human Remy Hair Extensions

While some of you may wondering why have to buy Remy hair extensions when you can buy a full set of synthetic weaves with a way more reasonable price, here is the answer:

Hair extensions made from human hair so that they functioned just as human’s actual lock. This means that when having a set of Remy hair extensions, you can opt to dye your hair in any color to your liking, style them using hot tools, and wash them anytime you want.

What You Should Know: Sew-in Weaves

On the contrary, human-made hair extensions are super sensitive to the sun and extreme heat. Once the synthetic hair extensions are exposed to intense light, high chances are that they’ll immediately get melted down. Furthermore, since synthetic hairs are mainly made of plastic fibers, the hair can be difficult to blend with your real hair. Of course, the lifespan of artificial hair extensions cannot be as long as that of real human hair extensions. Therefore, we use synthetic hair extensions mostly for students who haven’t had their own incomes. Another case is that those expecting to have extensions only for a short period of time may need synthetic extensions. 


APO Hair’s Sew-in Weaves

At APO Hair, we use 100% Vietnamese Human Hair to produce our sew-in weaves. Vietnamese hair is famous for its strong and natural features, which helps to keep the natural status of the hair extensions. Especially, there is no chemical or synthetic hair containing in any of our hair products. 

We provide a lot of textures for our sew-in weaves from wavy to curly, and straight. The hair colors are also various. Depending on your own need, you can choose color #2, #3, #4, #2h, #2q, #3q, #4q, #32h and #33h. Each color has a very different characteristic, giving you a different hairstyle.

As one of the leading hair dealers in Vietnam, APO Hair offers you an excellent price-performance ratio! Under our constant monitoring, APO Hair‘s products will always meet the highest quality requirements.

In our online store, we offer numerous types of hair extensions which consist of 100% Vietnamese Remy human hair. These include tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions as well as lace fontal-closure, lace wigs and weave hair extensions.

Make sure to share your opinions and stories in our comments section below. Should you’re interested in this post, visit our website apohair.com for more articles like this. We hope to stumble across your stories as soon as possible.


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