Where to find hair vendors for your retail store?

So, you are so ready to launch a retail store selling hair extensions. Yet, you are still not sure where to start and where to find hair vendors? So today, APOHAIR will help you tackle this question.

But first, let take a clearer look at what is a hair vendor for the hair retailing business.

Who can be a hair vendor for retailing business?  

Hair vendors for a retail store can operate in many different forms and functions. And it’s important to understand each type to find the one that works best for your business.

  • Hair extensions manufacturers: Hair manufacturers are the most direct source for obtaining hair products. They can also work with you to create custom hair extensions based on your ideas. However, it can be harder to find and work with hair manufacturers. And normally, they require a higher minimum order quantity.
  • Hair extensions distributors: Hair extensions distributors can include hair suppliers and wholesalers. Hair extensions distributors are great for purchasing already created hair extensions brands and items.
  • Importers: In fact, most human hair extensions come from Asian countries. That’s why if you cannot find a suitable hair manufacturer in your area, you can try to access hair extensions importers.
Hair vendors can be manufacturers, distributors or importers
Hair vendors can be manufacturers, distributors, or importers

Where to find hair vendors?

Join industry groups

Looking for and seeking out hair extensions industry groups is a great way to find hair vendors. By joining the industry groups, you can also meet new hair vendors, increase your reputation, find more opportunities for your business and learn more about the hair extensions industry.

Where to find hair vendors? - Join industry groups
Where to find hair vendors? – Join industry groups

Participate in online forums

These online forums are where you can get free information and help from other people with experience in your market or industry.

But where can you find these forums? They can be on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks and business websites.

Where to find hair vendors? - Join online forums
Where to find hair vendors? – Join online forums

Ask your local Chamber of Commerce

Try to contact your local Chamber of Commerce. They can help you with a list of hair vendors in your country. This list often includes a brief of each hair vendor and their contact info.  

Where to find hair vendors? - Ask your local Chamber of Commerce
Where to find hair vendors? – Ask your local Chamber of Commerce

Trade publications

Trade journals/magazines are a great place to gather more information about business networks in the hair extensions industry. This is where you can identify new potential hair vendors.

Almost every advertiser in the magazine will name a manufacturer or distributor. And a single issue of a trade publication can give you a list of hair extensions wholesalers and small manufacturers.

Where to find hair vendors? - Through trade publications
Where to find hair vendors? – Through trade publications

Online newsletters and blogs

Besides magazines, you can subscribe to online newsletters and blogs. This is the best way to keep up with industry news and updates regularly. However, please be careful to choose which blog and site you should subscribe to. If not, you may receive tons of spam emails in your inbox with irrelevant information.

Where to find hair vendors? - Subscribe newsletter
Where to find hair vendors? – Subscribe newsletter


The classic and easiest way to find hair vendors is to Google them. Whatever type of hair extensions you want to search for, Google can instantly provide thousands of results. You can simply search “Where to find hair vendors online?”, or “ethical human hair extensions vendors”, and get the results displayed within a minute.

However, the problem with using Google search is that you don’t know which one is reliable. You can find some reviews of the hair vendors on Google map reviews, but that’s not enough to verify a good supplier. You may need to take further steps before contacting a hair vendor.

Where to find hair vendors - Search on Google
Where to find hair vendors? – Search on Google


B2B marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and AliExpress have grown in popularity in tandem with the rapid rise of the Internet and technology. People can easily search for many sorts of hair extensions from thousands of hair extensions vendors. Customer reviews with real videos and photographs can also be found on these B2B marketplaces. You can then decide whether or not to cooperate with a hair supplier based on those reviews.

Where to find hair vendors? - On B2B marketplaces
Where to find hair vendors? – On B2B marketplaces

And to better evaluate a hair vendor that you’ve found on Alibaba or Amazon, we suggest you make a search on Google with the keyword: the company name + scam.  

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Which factor should you consider to find hair vendors?


How can we evaluate the reliability of a hair vendor?

  • Quality assurance measures: They should have suitable quality assurance methods to ensure the hair items you order arrive on time and with the consistent quality that you expect.
  • Reviews from other partners: Invest your time and find as many reviews as possible from other businesses that have worked with the hair vendor. You can then evaluate if the hair vendor is trustworthy.


This is an especially crucial factor when considering a hair vendor since it ensures that your business will run smoothly.

Consider each hair vendor before contacting them
Consider each hair vendor before contacting them


Proximity is an important aspect as it determines how quickly you can get your orders. If you purchase hair extensions from an overseas vendor, you can get a lower price, but it will take longer to arrive at your store. Local vendors, on the other hand, command a higher price but can ship the items to your door within a matter of days.


At the end of the day, your goal is to maximize the profit. You certainly want to get the best hair items at the lowest price possible. So, when searching for a hair vendor, it’s essential to evaluate a vendor’s pricing against similar ones. Then, choose the one with the price and quality that suit your business the most.

In conclusion, if you are finding a hair vendor, there are some ideal sources to look at like industry groups, online forums, trade publications, Google, B2B marketplaces. Besides, to find the best hair vendor for your business, don’t forget to consider the following 4 factors: reliability, stability, proximity, and pricing.

And APOHAIR is always willing to offer you premium ethical hair extensions and excellent services. Check our front page now to get the BIG DEAL for this festive season! 

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