Wig Accessory: The Must-haves For Wig Installation And Maintenance

Purchasing yourself a wig is one of the most difficult tasks if you are using wig accessory for the first time. When you get used to wearing a wig, you learn the ropes of the game. Now you know that for a wig application process, you not only have to buy a new wig but also get certain wig accessory. Careful preparation helps make sure that your investment remains in a prim and proper position until the end of its usage cycle. Which wig accessories do you need? Keep reading to unveil the must-have wig essentials for beginners, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey into the world of wig-wearing.

Wig accessory

Wig Cap

After getting to know how to make a wig, it is then you should update that you can even style your wig into a pixie or another attractive look. It could be any other look that fascinates you using the right accessories for your wigs. Now, let’s explore what do you need for a wig makeover.

There are a lot of practices you can apply to improve the life of your wig. The very first in the must-have wig accessories we recommend here is a wig cap. Understanding the importance of wig essentials ensures a smooth transition into the world of wigs.

Wig cap
Wig cap

A wig cap helps conceal your natural hair. It’s also where you attach tape, glue or adhesives to the wig installation. Wig caps in the current market are offered at various prices and sizes. All you need to do is just choose the suitable one.

Wig Stand

You are purchasing a new human hair wig that is nothing shorter than an investment considering the cost of a decent wig. When you desire to get the most perfect and natural look, you would rather choose high-quality wigs, right? However, you surely won’t be using your wig 24/7. We do not advise you to do so as it is not good for both your natural hair and the wig. This means the wig needs somewhere else apart from your head so that it could be stored carefully. This somewhere had better be a wig stand – one of the must-have wig accessories for safekeeping the structure of the wig when not in use.

Wig stand
Wig stand
In the current market, there are thousands of types of wig stands for you to choose. Weigh all your options before going for any wig stand to make sure you get the most suitable one.

Tape And Adhesives

We cannot forget to mention tape and adhesive as important wig accessories. Wig wearers can make use of these accessories to create an extra grip. They will help you put your wig in its right places.

Tape and adhesives
Tape and adhesives

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using tape or adhesives in the wig installation. However, you must learn how to apply the wig carefully. Understanding the products you need to install a wig is crucial for a secure and lasting hold. A careless application can lead to some negative effects. The clearest example is that wig may fall out of your head.

Along with those two types, toupee clip is also a must-have wig accessory you should consider.

Wig Brushes And Sprays

Well, it’s hard to ignore these. The main purpose of buying a wig is to find a different look. However, what if sometimes you are fed up with the current texture of your wig? Apohair believes that there are times you might want to style the hair your way. When it comes to transforming your wig, accessories for wigs like brushes and sprays are indispensable. These two devices play a big role in allowing you to change your hair appearance.

Wig brushes and sprays
Wig brushes and sprays
There are three things you should keep in mind while using these wig accessories.
  • It would be best if you use ceramic coated heating equipment as this ensures the fibers are safe. You should also invest in ceramic hair brushes because it lasts quite long.
  • Don’t forget to apply heat-resistant products on the wig hair to minimize damage if any.
  • You can use hair fixers to maintain the look than doing the same every day. This saves you both time and effort

Wig Bags

Do you need to bring your wig while traveling? If yes, a wig bag is the optimal wig accessory for you to store your lovely wig. Wig bags help ensure that there will be no damages occurring to wig during transportation. Wig bags are so convenient. You can use it to store not only a wig but also any other types of hair extensions you have.

Wig bags
Wig bags

Wig Shampoo And Conditioners

Apohair needs to tell you that this is where most people go wrong. Along with purchasing other wig accessories, you should also invest in a shampoo and conditioner. Try to find the ones that are made especially for washing wig. Some point to note in the washing process are:

  • Use your hair stand to wash your wig. If not, you can also use wig combs to comb the hair gently so that you can detangle the hair.
  • Make sure you wash it thoroughly but be gentle while washing
Wig shampoo and conditioners
Wig shampoo and conditioners


Elevate your wig experience with Apohair, a leading Vietnamese hair supplier of top-quality wig accessories. From wig caps to adhesives, styling tools, and care products, Apohair offers a comprehensive range to meet all your wig-related needs. Visit Apohair today and discover the perfect accessories to enhance your wig collection.

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