Wig color chart from APOHAIR: choosing the best shade for your wig

For new wig wearers, a wig color chart is one of the best supports. As you might know, for a new hairstyle, color is the leading factor that makes all the difference on the perfect fit for you. Learning about colors and how to choose the best shade for your desired wig are really important. Maybe you don’t want to opt for several colors for wigs, but finding ONE can still be a challenge.

How well do you know about the wig color chart?

hair color

Have you ever gone to a hair salon for a new hair dye and wondered what the color chart of that salon means? Why do hairdressers have to rely on the hair color chart to dye their customers’ hair? APOHAIR guesses that many of you hardly pay attention to this matter. In fact, sometimes we only have our hair dyed based on the advice of the hairdresser instead of choosing ourselves the right hair color from the color chart. This is easy to realize as very few people understand what the color chart is used for and some don’t know how to read it. Others suppose that only hairdressers need a hair color chart for their dyeing process.

A wig color chart is basically the same as a hair color chart. Wig makers need to design or find a suitable wig color chart do dye their hair properly.

Just like its name, a wig color chart refers to a collection of hair colors with different symbols to distinguish different shades of the wig. Looking at this wig color chart, wig producers find it easily to dye a new wig. Customers will also be able to recognize various color and decide the right one.

wig color

For any wig suppliers, wig color chart is indispensable. Hair suppliers need to provide customers a clear wig color chart so that the can easily choose their favorite hair shade.

Wig color chart of APOHAIR

Knowing the importance of a wig color chart, APOHAIR designs a color chart since the first days of our establishment. Over many years of development, we change our hair chart according to the demands of customers in the market. Below we are providing you the latest wig color chart that keep up with all the trendy hair colors in the current hair market.

wig color chart

There are 3 main categories in the wig color chart of APOHAIR. Let’s go into the detail of them.

Black color

black color

In APOHAIR, the group of black color includes three main shades which are #1, #1A and #1B. Among three of them, color #1B is the natural black color. The #1B shade can meet the demand of customers who want to buy the hair for further dyeing, bleaching or chemically styling. Shade #1A is a little bit lighter than #1B. And #1 is the darkest color of all.  This wig color is better for girls with white skin. Designed in the natural black color, our Galaxy Collection with various bundles deals of virgin human hair in APO’s stock are ready for you to order.

Customer can purchase our bundles deals, dye them your favorite colors and then create a wig by yourself. That is really interesting, right?

Brown color

brown color

Brown hair is one of the most popular hair color among the young these days. Not only being the color that can make you more beautiful, the blue shade is also youthful and charcoal. For those who are dyeing their hair for the first time, blue color seems to be the optimal option. This wig color is perfect as you  can confidently go anywhere with it, no need to worry about standing our from the crowd.

APOHAIR offers 4 main shades for brown color: #2, #2Q, #3 and #4, in which #2 is the darkest and #4 is the lightest one. You can choose any of them, depending on your preference.

Blonde color

blonde color

The blonde color is a hair color trend that is loved by both men and women. With classic European color, blonde hair wig is a very youthful bright color for you to shine. APOHAIR highly recommends that this hair color is more suitable for those with light skin tones. It will make you look gorgeous and more outstanding.

Besides three main groups of hair colors above, APOHAIR also offers some other special shades for customers. What do we have?

  • The ombre shades: We do not put this kind of wig color to the wig color chart as this shade is actually the combination of two different shades in the color chart. Of the two colors in the ombre wig, one is lighter than the other. For ombre hair, are you girls ready to be dynamic in your brand new look?
  • The piano colors: In this special shades, we mix two different colors in a wig. The combination of two shades in the same hair product has created impression. Applying this wig color, you will be really outstanding from the crowd.

Are you ready to update the latest trends of hair color in the current market? If you still hesitate to directly dye your hair, choose a new with with your desired shade. Let APOHAIR help you do that with our wide range of wig in our wig collection. We are happy to support all of you!