Wig Glue – Must-Have Item When You Are Wearing a Wig

Wig can be a savior for most of us and a magical tool for anyone looking to temporarily change their style, experiment with bangs, or dye their hair without damage (or the occasional regret). However, for you to position it properly, you need a lot of practice and the right adhesives. If you don’t have the right glue for your wig, you risk spending your day worrying about wind and sweat. So we need to go to the experts, hairstylists and wig connoisseurs, to find out what they consider to be the best wig glue on the market and choose the best adhesives for your wig to last longer and leave you with healthy skin.

Extreme Cream Adhesive (Best wig glue for active people)

Wig Glue – Must-Have Item When You Are Wearing a Wig

Bold Hold



Here is an ideal choice of best wig glue for your regular use. The secret of its effectiveness is using just a thin layer on your skin. Next, allow your glue to get dry properly before you begin applying another layer, you can use it for up to five layers.

For those of us that are sensitive to odor, this will be your best choice because it doesn’t remain odor on your hair. Furthermore, it works under a humid temperature and it’s waterproof. Also, it works with all types of skin, especially oily skin.

Whether you wish to use it on the full lace wig, front lace wig or 360˚ wig is up to you as it remains effective. The best part is that you can use it together with the bold hold tape if you want the ultimate hold. You need to give it up to 24 hours to cure before you wash it or swim with it.

Ultra Hold (Best wig glue for long term wear)

Wig Glue – Must-Have Item When You Are Wearing a Wig

Walker Tape



Every women are interested in talking about Ultra Hold because it has remained effective over the years. It’s your ultimate choice when your sole purpose for using the wig is to look professional over a long time.

From its name, its aim is to give you the Ultra Hold. It may last for over six weeks although it all depends on the humidity level of the environment and your body oils. With the invention of Ultra Hold the market has begun using acrylic adhesives, it’s very different from the original when most of the adhesives were made using silicone. For this reason, it’s a top brand product.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry because it works with all the different types of skins.

Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray (Best wig glue for maximum hold)

Wig Glue – Must-Have Item When You Are Wearing a Wig




Spray through your hair carelessly for the sexy, messy look or twist tips into spikes for outrageous hold that will last until your next shampoo. Only for stuck up styles and extreme rock hard hair. Jay C. of Hair So Fly Shop, raved about the Youtuber-adored product. It lives up to the hype, Jay told us, saying, “It provides a secure and strong hold without damaging your natural hairline, as many others do”.

Bold Hold Tape

Wig Glue - Must-Have Item When You Are Wearing a Wig

The Hair Diagram



Debra Hare-Bey of Oh My Heavenly Hair, a salon and haircare brand based in Brooklyn, New York, recommends Bold Hold Wig Tape for a short-term, 1-2 week hold. She says, “How to secure your wig is purely up to you, but whichever way you choose must be waterproof. That’s how you will combat sweat and oil.”

Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel




This Got2B product is the stronger hold of the yellow bottle previously listed here. If that strong hold isn’t enough for you, this product is highly recommended by both Jay from Hair So Fly Shop and Debra Hare-Bey as an excellent choice. But no matter what you do, make sure to test the products before they touch your face and your skin: A skin test is strongly recommended off the scalp before use to test your sensitivity and to monitor any allergic reactions.

Wig from APOHAIR

With more than 20 years of experience, APOHAIR is a reliable company on the hair extensions market. You can visit our factory and office to buy wig if you are in Vietnam or you can shop online from anywhere with our shipping policy. Visit the website HERE!!!


At APOHAIR, all our kinds of wig / lace frontal / lace closure and hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair. At factory, we completely say no with synthetic hair, chemicals and harmful tools. As you know, making a wig is very complicate and requires flexible technique and skillful staff so our head managers also focus on training workers to meet the demand of each product. Our customers can totally believe in all products we supply.


Wig is used more and more widely in the world. At APOHAIR, we designed a lot of textures for you to choose. With curly wig, they are loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly, fumi curly or romantic curly. Besides, if you want something else, wavy and straight textures are also available to meet your demand.

Length and colors

Length sizes of any type of wig at APOHAIR are available for you to choose from 16-30 inches. Just tell us in advance the length you want for us to prepare if it’s a bit longer or shorter than normal.

After many tries, we created a wide array of different colors for you to choose. They can be traditional or modern colors, warm tone or ash tone or even ombre and mix colors. Just come with us. The choice is yours!!!

Here is our list of top 5 best wig glue for you. Do you agree with us? Or you have a better one? We’ like to hear all your thoughts, so feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. If you are interested in our article, visit our website for more tips, news and how-to guides. Thank for your attention!!!

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