All about lace closure before installation


With the increasing demands for beauty, the hair industry has been developing a wide range of products with a marvelous look and features. Among these stunning hairpieces, lace closure stands a strong position in hair extensions’ lovers’ hearts as it excellently covers the scalp, forming a protection for the natural hair. So now, let’s go over all the things about lace closure to get a full understanding before you decide to purchase one.

What is lace closure?

A lace closure is a hairpiece in which the hair strands are attached to a lace base. This lace base can be the lace film with beige shade or normal brown lace. It has different sizes, depending on each producer, but often comes in square and rectangle shape. Thanks to the lace base that mimics the scalp, lace closure can create a natural hairline and serves as a protective style for your hair as it covers all your hair. It is an ideal item for a full coverage weave.


How to use?

With a lace closure, you can add to your list a lace closure sew in or a lace closure wig. Whether you make a sew-in or create a wig, you will need several human hair bundles to come with it. For a sew-in, the number of hair bundles is regularly 2, but if your head is bigger than the normal size, you will need 3 bundles. And in case you want to make a wig, 3-4 bundles should be prepared for a full look.

Different types of lace closure

Lace closure, like so many other types of hair extensions in the market, varies in different types to meet the users’ demands. When it comes to parting, closures offer many options for your styling needs. There are types for a certain parting and multiple part styling, but the most common ones are middle parting and side part. Also, to help those who can’t decide which parting to choose, free part closures can give you a hand with multiple ways for creating a part.


Besides, to diversify the options for users, closures are available with various textures like straight, body wavy, deep wavy, loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly to bring the most natural effect like your own hair.

Another way to section your closure is its size. The size we mean here is the width of the lace base. Lace closures often go with the following dimensions: 4×5, 4×4, 4×3.5, 5×5, among which lace closures 4×4 and 5×5 are the most popular types. And if you make a comparison of frontal vs closure, you can see that lace frontals have a wider base, but even so, many people sometimes mistake a closure with a frontal while installing. This may be because they still pluck the closures and create baby hair, just like how they do with lace frontals.

How to install?

You can opt for using glue, tape or sew in with closure to attach the closure to your head, just make sure you keep your own hair lay flat underneath by braiding or making cornrows. The flatter your hair is, the more natural you will look with your closure.

Whether you use the closures for your lace closure weaves or wigs, it’s important to sew the closure tightly down to ensure the security. You must sew the closures before you add any other hair wefts so as to create enough space for the closure to flay down flat and tight. After that, continue sewing the remaining tracks to form your wig or lace closure sew in. Once you finish, you can make some customizing like trimming the excess lace, plucking the closure along the hairline, applying concealer to make the lace match your skin tone, etc.

If you intend to make a wig, before you start sewing, remember to take the size of your head into consideration. Knowing the exact size will allow you to specify your customized wig.


How to maintain?

Lace closures generally require less maintenance if compared with lace frontals; yet, you still need to treat it well while using to make it stay with you longer. Don’t be rough it with excessive brushing or pulling since this will lead to severe hair loss. If you have lace closure weaves, wearing a scarf around your head or using a silk pillow will help you to keep the style after a tight sleep at night. And don’t forget to wash and condition your closure properly to give it a brilliant look and avoid tangling and hairstyling products buildups.

APOHAIR’s set of lace closure and bundles

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So that’s what you should know about lace closure. Let order one and create your own stunning look. Thank you for reading.