Modern Beauty Ideals with The Trend of Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

In today’s world, beauty standards are evolving at a rapid pace, and individuals are constantly seeking ways to enhance their appearance. One of the trends that has gained immense popularity in recent years are the trends with keratin tip hair extensions. These extensions have revolutionized the way people achieve longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair, making them a significant player in the ever-evolving landscape of modern beauty standards. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the beauty ideals with keratin tip hair extensions, the benefits they offer, and how they have become an integral part of modern beauty standards.

Beauty ideals with the trend of Keratin tip hair extensions

The Rise of Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Keratin tip extensions have emerged as a revolutionary solution for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty without causing harm to their hair. These extensions are made from high-quality, ethically sourced human hair or premium synthetic fibers. What sets them apart is the use of keratin, a naturally occurring protein found in hair, skin, and nails.

The Rise of Keratin Tip Hair Extensions
The Rise of Keratin Tip Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are applied using a specialized heat fusion technique. The process involves attaching small sections of the extensions to your natural hair with a keratin adhesive that is melted using a heat tool. This creates a seamless and long-lasting bond that blends with your natural hair, making it virtually undetectable. As a result, you can enjoy longer, thicker hair without compromising the health and integrity of your own strands.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Extensions

  • Natural Look and Feel: Keratin hair extensions are renowned for their ability to seamlessly blend with natural hair, providing a flawless and natural appearance. They are available in various textures, colors, and lengths, ensuring that you can achieve the look you desire.
  • Versatility: These extensions are incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles, from long and sleek to voluminous curls, without the commitment of permanent changes to your natural hair.
Benefits of Keratin Hair Extensions
Natural look and feel
  • Damage-Free: Unlike some traditional hair extension methods that can cause damage, keratin hair extensions are gentle on your natural hair. They don’t require the use of adhesives, glues, or braiding, reducing the risk of breakage and hair loss.
  • Longevity: With proper care, keratin hair extensions can last for several months, making them a cost-effective beauty investment. Maintenance appointments are typically needed every 8-12 weeks to ensure they remain secure and looking their best.
  • Confidence Boost: Longer and fuller hair can boost your self-confidence, helping you feel more empowered and beautiful. This can positively impact various aspects of your life, from personal relationships to career opportunities.
  • U-Tip hair extensions: The first beauty ideals with keratin tip hair extensions will call U-tip hair. These are named after their U-shaped or nail-shaped keratin tips. They are applied to the natural hair using a heat fusion technique, where the keratin tip is heated and melted onto the individual’s hair strands. U-tip extensions are known for their secure and long-lasting bond.
U-Tip hair extensions
U tip extensions
  • I-Tip hair extensions: These extensions have a small, cylindrical keratin tip at the top. They are applied to the natural hair using a micro-ring or micro-link technique. No heat or glue is involved in the attachment process, making them a popular choice for those who want to minimize potential damage to their hair. Using I-tip hair is a trend of keratin hair extension that salon owners prioritize for their customers.
I-Tip hair extensions
I tip extensions

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  • Flat-Tip hair extensions: Flat-tip extensions feature a flat, wide, and rectangular-shaped keratin tip. They are also applied using a heat fusion method, providing a secure and discreet attachment. The flat shape of the keratin tip ensures a comfortable fit and a natural appearance.
Flat-Tip hair extensions
Flat-tip extensions

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  • V-Tip hair extensions: When mentioning beauty trends with keratin tip hair extensions, V-tip will be listed on the list. V-tip extensions have a V-shaped keratin tip at the top. They are attached to the natural hair using the heat fusion technique, similar to U-tip extensions. The V-shaped tip allows for flexibility and movement, making them suitable for various hairstyles.
V-Tip hair extensions
V tip extensions

Besides these above types of keratin tip, there are also: V-Tip 120º hair extensions, Y-Tip hair extensions, Micro Ring hair extensions, Nano Ring hair extensions, Plastic Nano Ring hair extensions.

At Apohair, we provide all these types of extensions with diverse sizes, shapes, colors and lengths to meet your demand. We are proud to be the largest hair factory in Vietnam with the highest quality of extensions.

How Many Keratin Extensions For A Full Head?

The beauty ideals with keratin tip hair extensions are shown by the ways you use how many keratin extensions do. We suggest utilizing approximately 5–6 packs of keratin tip hair extensions for a complete hair extension, and this quantity may vary depending on your hair’s thickness. Should you have naturally thick hair or aspire to achieve exceptionally thick or long locks, you may find that 7–10 packs are necessary. In the case of desiring added volume with Premium Keratin Extensions, our recommendation would be to opt for 2 packs of 20 pieces and 1 pack of 10 pieces, depending on your desired outcome.

When attaching a smaller number of hair extensions, typically around 1–4 packs, it is advisable to distribute them into three sections. Commence the first section at the level of the top of your ear, then progress upwards until the desired effect is attained.

How many keratin extensions for a full head
How many pack of keratin pack of extensions for a full head?

For those seeking to add volume using approximately 5–6 packs of hair extensions, a three-section distribution is also recommended. Begin with the first parting aligned with the top of the ear. Subsequently, divide the extensions into two more sections on either side of the head, positioning them at the same height as the initial parting. These extensions should be angled diagonally upward and placed in front of the ear.

For individuals desiring exceptionally thick hair with the use of 7-10 packs of extensions or more, it is advisable to distribute the extensions into five sections. Initiate the first parting at the level of the bottom of the ear. Following this, segment the extensions into three additional sections on both sides of the head, starting at the same level as the top parting, oriented diagonally upward and angled in front of the ear.

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In conclusion, when exploring the world of keratin tip hair extensions, it’s essential to make informed choices based on your unique preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking added length, volume, or a complete hair transformation, the market offers a variety of options to suit your style.

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