What Types of Hair Extensions Can Be Made From Bulk Hair Extensions?

Bulk hair extensions have long been known as the material for hair extensions production. The customization options, cost-effectiveness, and versatility of bulk hair make them a popular choice among hair extension enthusiasts and hair businesses. Bulk hair is actually the foundation of countless stunning hair extension options. But do you know exactly what types of hair extensions can be made from bulk hair? Keep scrolling down our blog post and figure out the information before you make your hair choice.
What types of hair extensions can be made from bulk hair extensions?

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are the basic type of hair extensions made from bulk hair. They are made by sewing or hand-tying the loose hair strands onto a weft. The process follows a specific pattern to secure the hair strands in place. This creates a continuous strip of hair attached to the weft.
Once the weft hair extensions are made, they are ready to be applied to the natural hair using various methods such as sewing, bonding, or clipping. The result is a voluminous and natural-looking hairstyle that enhances length, volume, and overall hair look.
There are many types of weft hair that you can create from bulk hair extensions, depending on the technique you use. The traditional ones are machine wefts and hand-tied wefts, which have long been popular in the hair market. And with the revolution in the hair extensions industry, we now have advanced types of weft hair extensions like genius wefts, nano hand-tied wefts, and feather wefts with superior features.
Weft Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are another popular type of hair extensions made from bulk hair. These extensions are attached to the natural hair using adhesive tapes. To create tape-in hair, we will sandwich bulk hair between two tape strips.
The process of making tape-in hair extensions from bulk hair is a bit complicated and requires special tools. That’s why some hair users choose to make tape-ins from weft hair. However, if you just put the adhesive tapes into the weft hair to make tape-in hair extensions, it will not secure the seamless blending as how the tape-in from bulk hair extensions can do. This is because the weft line is bulky and seems not to hold the tape well.
So, we recommend you buy ready-to-use tape-in from bulk hair rather than making it yourselves from weft hair. The manufacturers have the exact technique to create stunning tape-in hairpieces that suit your every hair need.
Tape-in Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are another type of hair extensions made directly from bulk hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are applied by two methods: hot fusion (using keratin tip hair extensions) and cold fusion. So, let’s dive into each one below:

Hot fusion hair extensions

Keratin tip hair extensions, which use hot fusion methods to install, offer a semi-permanent solution for those looking to achieve natural-looking and flowing locks. By creating these keratin tip hair extensions from bulk hair, you can tailor them to your desired length and texture.
To make keratin tip hair extensions, we need to take a small section of bulk hair and attach the keratin-based adhesive to one end of the section. We can shape the tip to make Flat tip, I tip, U tip, or V tip hair.
Keratin tip hair extensions will be then applied by using a heat applicator to bond the extensions to small sections of the natural hair. These extensions seamlessly blend with natural hair and allow for various styling options.
Hot fusion hair extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions include micro ring hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions and the latest plastic nano ring hair extensions.
This type of hair extensions is known for its gentle application method, minimizing damage to your natural hair and promoting overall hair health. It also ensures a seamless and natural blend between the extensions and your own hair, resulting in a flawless and undetectable look.
These extensions are renowned for their durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, voluminous hair for an extended period.
Cold fusion hair extensions
Overall, bulk hair extensions offer endless possibilities for individuals looking to enhance their hair with hair extensions or those who run a hair business. Whether it’s weft hair, tape-in, or fusion extensions, bulk hair can be transformed into various types of extensions that match the individual’s hair color, texture, and desired length.
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