8 inch hair extensions – Are you ready to try a short hairstyle?

short hair extensions from APOHAIR

Hair extensions are a great way to rock different styles, without having to commit to a certain look for too long, whether it’s adding extra volume, length, or even trendy bangs. Hair extensions are usually keratin tips, clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. Indeed, to have a short and glamorous hairstyle, 8 inch hair extensions are an ideal option you should try.

Basically, extensions are made in two different ways: with real human hair or with synthetic materials that are made to emulate real hair. It’s not easy to choose because each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions

These hair extensions have a natural look and feel. They also bring a certain shine and movement that’s rather difficult to recreate in synthetic hair. Plus, because they are real hair, human hair extensions are easy to cut, style and blend with your own current hairstyle. So how about the downside? Human hair extensions are quite expensive, costing anywhere from $300 for partial hair extensions to add fullness, to $4,000 for full extensions that add both length and volume for your current hair.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, can be a more affordable option that usually costs between $50 and $100. With advances in technology, synthetic hair has become more popular in recent years, with newer options made with fibers that make us feel more like real hair. One great thing about synthetic extensions is that most can be worn out of the box. Plus, they hold up in bad weather because they don’t frizz as natural hair does. However, because synthetic extensions have strong fibers, they are less versatile than human hair and need to take more effort to change curl patterns. They also can’t last as long as human hair that typically requires replacement every 3-6 months.

8 Inch Hair Extensions

How Long Is 8 Inches Hair?

The length of 8 inch long hair extensions is defined when they are maximally straightened. 8 inch hair is not long and just about 20 centimeters. Therefore it is a suitable choice for short hairstyles.

hair length chart

It is up to the position that you apply these extensions in hair that you can make hairstyles with short size, shoulder-length size or even a bit longer. With these images, the best choices are straight hair or kinky hair so that you can keep hair as long as possible.

If you want to have curly, wavy or other complex styles of 8 inch sew in hair extensions, it means you will need to order the longer real length so that hair after permed can get the right length. Don’t forget to talk with our consultants carefully to avoid unexpected misunderstandings.

8 Inch Hair Extensions Texture

At APOSTORE.VN we offer so many beautiful hair extensions textures in every color, style, length, size, and weight. Let’s discover our hair extension textures below and maybe you will come up with some ideas for shopping our hair extensions.

8 inch kinky straight hair extensions

Straight hair is so simple, classic, easy to care for and maintain and easy for you to style: wavy, curly. It also seems great for almost everyone.

8 inch kinky

If you already have straight hair, you may opt to choose 8 inch straight hair extensions texture to simplify your daily styling process. Doing that, you can easily increase your hair volume and length with minimal effort. 8 inch straight hair extensions can look great with your hair in a wash-and-go style or can be styled in the same way you style your natural hair.

For curly- or wavy-haired clients, 8 inch straight hair extensions are still a great choice. Some customers choose to style their hair straight to match the sleek and shiny look of this hair extension. Others use the 8 inch straight hair extension texture as an easy “blank slate” to curl and style the hair similar to their natural or desired style, or to try new hairdos.

8 inch body wave hair extensions

8 inch body wave

Body wave is a loose, natural curl. It looks not completely straight, but not too curly and provides body, volume, and dimension to your hair. The wave tends to flow in a single flow, creating a full-bodied, smooth, wavy look.

If you want to add a little style and intrigue to your regularly straight hair, 8 inch body wave hair extensions are a great option. You can replicate the body wave look in the rest of your natural hair if desired. Simply use your hair straightener to create gentle curls or by using hair rollers.

This hair texture is also great as an extension for naturally curly or wavy hair. It will add body and volume and give your hair a really luxurious boost.

8 inch loose wave hair extensions

The loose waves are a type of hair textures that has very loose, almost wave-like curls. The clearest difference between this hair texture and the body wave is that the loose waves don’t flow in a single piece like the body wave tends to.

While the 8 inch loose wave hair extensions have loose, relaxed and soft curls, these curls are “piece-y” enough to create texture and dimension in your hair.

This look is easy to replicate in the rest of your hair, if desired, by wrapping your hair around a large-barreled curling iron or curling rod or by using a thin straightener to create curls that you can loosen with your fingers.

8 inch deep wave hair extensions

Deep wave hair extension is a hair texture that has smooth, beautiful, tight waves. With plenty of body and tight “almost-curls,” the deep wave / 8 inch deep wave hair extensions offer an even and attractive feel. Just with the tighter curls than in the loose wave or in the body wave. These may be the tightest wavy hair extensions you can get without a full curl texture.

If you have a naturally curly hair texture, deep wave hair extensions can help provide volume and length to your hair, creating a fuller, more luxurious look.

So what about straight hair? If you are purchasing deep wave hair extensions, you can easily replicate the deep wave look by wrapping your hair around a medium-sized curling iron (around 1”) or curling rod.

8 inch deep curls hair extensions

deep curly i tip

Deep curls texture is tighter than a deep wave with a gorgeous, natural look. The deep curls hair extension texture brings a lot of body, dimension, and texture to your look.

For clients who have naturally curly hair, 8 inch deep curls hair extensions can help add volume, length, and thickness to your hair. It can also help augment curly styling for clients with curly hair that is damaged or difficult to style.

8 inch deep curls hair extensions are a great choice for adding volume, thickness, and length to naturally curly hair. They will help your hair look healthier, fuller, and richer. They also make your hair easier to style, bringing an (almost) effortless polished beauty to your curly locks.

8 inch kinky curly hair extensions

Kinky curly hair is popular among clients with naturally kinky curly hair and for clients who have always dreamed of having this beautiful texture! With tight torsion twists, this hair texture has a tight curl characterized with a zig-zag pattern. This hairstyle has body, texture, volume, and produces a handsome, natural, healthy look.

Clients who have naturally kinky curly hair like to use this texture in hair extensions to amp up the volume. Especially around the crown of the head, which can sometimes go flat if weighed down by heavy, long locks – and to increase length.

Many of our clients without naturally kinky curly hair will have their hair professionally treated or permed to emulate the look in their natural hair, then amplify the look with long, full kinky curly hair extensions.

8 inch Fumi hair extensions

Although Fumi hair has several different meanings, it typically refers to hair extensions with curl that starts from the middle of the strand rather than the top of your hair. This is sometimes considered the “love child” of straight and curly hair extensions.

8 inch Fumi hair extensions provide a beautiful, elegant look. This hair texture can be great for special events such as weddings, galas or can be used daily. If you’re interested in 8 inch Fumi hair extensions for occasional use, we recommend trying clip-in hair extensions or flip-in extensions. This can add volume, length, and sleek design to your look in just minutes!

8 inch yaki hair extensions

Yaki hair is a straight, voluminous texture that replicates chemically relaxed or flat-ironed African American hair. After many experiences, it’s indicated that natural African American hair often has many different curl patterns and textures. When relaxed or flat-ironed, the hair takes on a beautiful thick and straight texture.

In hair extensions, this hair texture is replicated using a micro-kink process on straight hair. The result is a thick, luxurious look with a unique texture.

Available in many hair extensions, lengths, and styles, 8 inch Yaki hair extensions can supplement your existing hairstyle by increasing volume and/or length. Yaki hair looks beautiful in long and deep lengths, as well as in shorter looks like 8 inch. This 8 inch hair texture can also be used to add volume and “oomf” to an afro look.

To have more photos and description about these hair extensions as well as discount and promotions, you can visit our website at APOSTORE.VN.

How To Care For Your 8 Inch Hair Extensions

With 8 inch hair extensions or any other types of hair extensions, to ensure you will be able to enjoy them as long as possible, we recommend keeping the appointments scheduled with your hairdresser. If you have additional questions or requests, your hairdresser will be glad to assist you. Proper hair care is important to enjoy your 8 inch hair extensions for a long time.

Washing Hair

Wash your hair extensions very thoroughly, preferably twice a week. When doing so, remember to be as gentle on the bonds as possible. We therefore, recommend never washing your hair with your head down but instead keep your head up. This is easiest in the shower or at your salon

Drying Hair

Squeeze your hair, do not rub. Then properly arrange the damp strands and carefully brush with a qualified brush. When blow-drying, remember to start at the root and the bonds, then the shaft and tips. We also suggest slightly drying the bonds when allowing your hair to air dry.

Brushing And Combing Hair

To ensure you can gently brush and combine, we recommend arranging your hair daily. To do so, be sure to place your fingers between the fusion and the scalp and run through your hair from roots down. Your hairdresser will gladly show you the correct technique! Please, remember to never brush your hair completely wet, only whilst damp or semi-dry! Wavy hair should only be brushed after washing, because, you know, the curls may become frizzy from frequent brushing. You can use a hair pick or your own fingers for your morning hair routine and slightly dampen the genuine hair strands and scrunch up curls. About straight hair, it should be combed thoroughly morning and night. When doing that, don’t forget to hold on to the genuine hair strands at the root and brush carefully, without tugging, from the tips to the root.

Sports, On Holiday

Since your 8 inch hair extensions act exactly the same as your own hair, you are not limited during your free time.

With hair extensions, you can enjoy your holiday to the full. If you go to the beach, make sure you have special care for your hair, so we’d like to recommend you having a shower in order to remove salt and use conditioner and lotion for hair afterward.


The 8 inch hair extensions should be braided before bed. This will effectively prevent tangles!

Perms, Dying And Coloring

8 inch hair extensions can easily withstand the usual styling methods. However, they should always be done by one of our professional partners.

Types of 8 inch hair extensions you can get

There are a vast number of ways to fit hair extensions but the main three categories are:

Temporary (take in and out each day or week)

Temporary methods are a type of hair extensions that includes clip-in pieces, wefts and weaves where large pieces of hair are added. They are great choices for occasional wear and are usually used by those who like their own hair but just want to enhance their look for the weekend, or for a special event such as parties, holidays, dates.

Semi-Permanent (worn for 6-8 weeks)

Semi-permanent hair extensions methods include tape-in pieces that last around 6-8 weeks. These are smaller sections than clip-ins and some new Tape extensions techniques are almost completely undetectable when hair is down or worn up.

Permanent (worn continuously, for many months)

Permanent hair extensions methods are strand-by-strand meaning many small attachments are added to your natural hair. For example, they include micro rings or micro bonds.

Permanent methods are an appropriate solution for those who are disappointed with their own hair and feel they need additional hair to have extra volume, length or both on a daily basis.

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