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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping each other is progress. Working together is success.” In addition to developing the company, APOGroups always tries to promote charity programs, entertainment or extra-curricular activities to connect and build team spirit in the collective with the slogan “We is a family”. So, at the end of December, we had the opportunity to relive the wonderful moments of youth in the amusement park Thien Phu Lam, Soc Son, Hanoi.


One day – although it is not a long time, it is enough for people to experience a lot of emotions from happiness, sadness to regret. Happy to be burned with interesting and useful team games, sad to say goodbye to the friendly people, and the majestic natural scenery here. It’s hard to describe the feeling at that time in words but there is one thing that each of us wants to say after finishing this adventure. It is “We love APO Groups – We are family”. 

Team Games


 The organizers have brought many interesting games with the desire to tighten and bond the team spirit among members of the APO Groups family. Although quite tired, everyone participated with the extremely excited and enthusiastic attitude of the people of the 4.0 generation. Then, in the end, each of us built our own tall, beautiful, solid towers – the towers of our dreams, hoping to build a stronger APO family.


Birthday party


The end of the picnic is a very meaningful party for all employees in the company and especially for those who have birthdays in the last month of 2020. We enjoyed it together. attractive dishes of Soc Son mountains and swaying to the music in the game “listen to the tune and guess the song’s name”. Happiness seemed to burst in every moment when everyone got the correct answer and went up to the podium to receive the gift.


Every fun has to say goodbye. Everyone left full of regret and nostalgia for the short but profound and memorable fun time.

This trip is not all but a place for people to relax after hard working days, a place for people to come closer together. And it is also the invisible rope that helps us step by step to build and develop APO Groups stronger and stronger on the way to come.

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