Along with finding the right dress and the right makeup style, having a dream-like hairstyle is what all brides want best for their wedding. However, not every bride is blessed with silky, glossy long hair, and the ultimate “savior” in such cases is definitely hair extensions.

  1. Best Choice for Hairstyling:

Apparently, charming short hair is meant for simple hairstyling, thus makes it difficult to style a more sophisticated one. Extensions at different length and volumes would make it way easier to style your bridal hairstyle, especially if you are a fan of a silky long wavy texture type of hair or you are fond of fancy, complicated styled hair. What’s more, if you are suffering from hair loss or you possess thin, lifeless hair, then hair extensions would play even more significant roles in your makeup process.

Short hair can only be styled in some simple ways

Do you know what will be better? A flower crown or a sparkling tiara will make you the star of the night without anyone noticing your extensions. In fact, it would perfectly complement your beautifully done hair.

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  1. Varies in Styles:

If you are expecting your bridal hair to be styled in various ways, consider using wigs or extensions. Hair extensions are best to add length, thickness and even color to your hair. Every bride deserves the best hairstyle on her big day. Hair extensions could be used in not only for the wedding ceremonies but also for photo shooting days. You may rest assured that you have the most unique, most diverse hairstyle without damaging your natural hair as long as you have your extensions (and maybe a hairstylist as well) with you.

  1. How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions:

There are a lot of types of bridal hair extensions nowadays. Nevertheless, hair extensions are not created the same, buying the wrong kind may actually create a disaster for your look. Depending on what you will wear and how you want your bridal hair done, you may choose different kinds of hair extensions. A good way to work that out is to determine if you want to wear your hair up or down in the first place.

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  • Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are the most popular among brides as it is a simple yet very effective way to make your perfect wedding hairstyle. Nonetheless, clip in extensions do require some complicated steps beforehand. First of all, you will need the hair extensions with the same color as yours. Tapered edges are quite important as you won’t want your extensions to be blunt. Then you will have to decide how you will style your hair and prepare them before the wedding day. For example, you will go for texture waved hair for your wedding, you will have to curl it with the appropriate iron, and make sure to use the heat protectant first.

  • Wigs

That being said, clip in hair extensions aren’t for every girl. If your hair is too short, too fragile or even too thick, it wouldn’t be a wise choice to use clip-in. In that case, wigs would be the right fit for your texture. Try to choose a hair styled to match your skin tone, frame and face shape, and of course, the color should be blended with your actual hair. One thing to notice is that you should avoid synthetic hair, or else it will look completely unnatural. Instead, we recommend you use human Remy hair if you want your hair look natural. Besides, human Remy hairlasts longer and better styled (as it doesn’t melt like synthetic hair). A small piece of advice is that choosing a wig that is not too smooth, slightly waved with appropriate color would make it seamless between your wig and your forehead. To make it more natural, use a crown or a wedding veil; it is the best way to show off your hair. Most brides favour monofilament wigs and lace front wigs, especially lace wigs as they are soft, lightweight and well-styled.


Apart from the common picks, brides can also opt for other alternatives like tip hair or tape hair if they only need a little addition in length or in volume. However hair you choose, make sure to get it fitted at least 2-3 weeks before your big day, hair extensions look best after washed a few time and thoroughly taken care of.  You want to brush them gently before wearing, start brushing them out from the bottom then work way up. Don’t forget to wash it the night before your wedding day to have the hair in its best condition.

Even though hair extensions might a bit expensive to afford, but remember it is your big day, don’t risk or even settle for less for such days – it only happens once! Find a professional stylist, ask them if the extensions you use are or are not for you. And should you’re looking for an ideal yet affordable hair extensions, come to us at APO hair. We provide the finest quality human hair. Whether you will be wearing your hair in a chic updo, graceful princess or bouncy waves, APO hair will provide you the most versatile and easiest to style hair extensions.