How Do You Know About Apohair’s 32 Inch Hair Weave?

Have you ever thought that you can achieve an extremely long and gorgeous hairstyle? If you think that you can’t, you have misunderstood. Growing your hair until it is long is only the traditional method and of course, it is not the only way for you. In this modern life, the emergence of hair extensions makes it easier than ever. We are going to tell more about 32 inch hair weave extensions – the longest hairstyle available in our stock.

Apohair's 32 inch hair weave

What Do You Know About 32 Inches Hair Extensions?

We are sure that the most impressive thing to you in this kind of hair extension its length. Exactly, 32 inch is the longest style for many types of hair in Apohair’s collection such as weave hair extensions, bulk hair, clip in hair, tape hair or keratin hair extensions. 32 inch hair weave expresses the length in which the hair lies under the hips and it is about 80 centimeter. With a hairstyle of this length, believe us, you are going to be more attractive and outstanding in your special occasions or even your daily life.

32 inches hair extensions
32 inch hair weave extension

Are you wondering “Who is APO hair? Let us tell you more about our company. We are APO Import Export Joint Stock Company – one of the biggest hair wholesalers from Vietnam. Over 15 years working on hair supplying, we deeply know what customers need and we make every effort to serve them.

32 inch is an ideal length which allows you to style the hair in many different ways. When you apply 32 inch hair extensions with your natural hair, you are going to get extremely long and thick hairstyles. Is that great?

What Is 32 Inch Hair Weave’s Origin?

You may wonder about where we get hair to produce these gorgeous 32 inches of hair extensions. I will let you know right now. All types of hair products in APO hair are made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair which is collected from Vietnamese donors. Here we are going to share with you a very interesting thing – Vietnamese women usually have their own natural secret to taking care of their hair. That’s why our 32 inch hair weave still keeps its original natural state.

32 inch hair weave's origin
32 inches hair weave’s origin

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Why Should You Choose 32 Inch Hair Weave Of Apohair?

There are many reasons for you to choose our 32 inch weave hair extensions. What are they?

Why should you choose 32 inch hair weave of Apohair
Apo’s 32 inch hair length

32 inch hair weave is made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair

There is no doubt that all products in Apohair are made of Vietnamese remy hair. Yes. It means all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. As a result, you don’t need to worry about hair tangling when using our hair extensions.

Have you ever asked yourself if we used chemical or synthetic hair during our production? If that question suddenly crosses your mind, let us answer. APO hair completely say “NO” with chemical or synthetic hair in our hair making. By saying that, we ensure that we are supplying the hair market with the best quality 32 inch hair weave extensions.

Vietnamese 32 inch hair
100% Vietnamese 32 inch hair

Weave hair can perfectly blend with your natural hair

If you ask me which type of hair extensions blend with your natural hair the best, we can’t help telling you that it is weave hair. Because the main method to install weave hair to your head is the weaving method, it makes sure that the hair is sewn to your hair braids or cornrows. The beauty of a weave lies in how undetectable it is. That means others can hardly realize that you are wearing hair extensions.

How long is 32 inches of hair?
How long is 32 inches of hair?

32 inch hair weave includes various textures

Some customers get used to straight weave and they think that we only do that texture for our sewn in hair extensions. In fact, we also design many other textures for our hair extensions. We have curly and wavy hair. With some specific textures of wavy or curly hair, we use hot steaming method.

Straight hair: natural straight, kinky straight, yaki straight

Wavy hair: body wavy, natural wavy, fumi wavy, deep wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy

Curly hair: romantic curly, fumi curly, loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly

It has lots of colors to choose

Apohair’s 32 inch hair weave includes many different colors from dark shades to light shades. If you love dark hair colors, you can choose black, dark brown color. If you want lighter shades, you can choose light brown and blonde colors. In addition, you can try some special hair colors such as ombre, mix or red color, which promises to make you look more and more outstanding.

32 inch hair weaves texture
Apo’s 32 inch hair texture

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How To Get Good Results In Taking Care Of Your 32 Inch Weave Curly Hair?

Many people think that we just buy hair extensions and wear it. But many don’t know that it also needs caring carefully. So here is some advice we want to share with you.

Firstly, if you find that your 32 inch hair weave hair dry, you could apply oils. You can implement oils before using shampoo.

Secondly, you should massage your hair regularly. You can use natural oils to massage your hair. This will let your blood flow easier and make your natural hair stronger.

Thirdly, remember to wash the extension like it’s your natural hair. You should use your favorite shampoo on the weave hair bundle to get familiar with new hair.

32 inch weave curly hair
32 inch weave curly hair

Our 32 inches weave hair is now divided into bundles which can weigh about 100 grams per each. With this weight, you can apply the hair extensions without feeling heaviness. Also, you can buy some bundles at the same time to reduce the shipment fee.

32 inches weave hair – Vietnamese hair extensions are the best-selling product of Apohair. Alongside with 32 inch hair weave, we still have a lot more hair extensions of other lengths and other styles for you to choose. We have hair products with length varying from 6 inch to 32 inch. If weave hair is not your choice, you can choose other options such as bulk hair, clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal, wig, ponytail, etc. Just contact us directly and we are ready to support you.

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