Ombre Hair extensions – How To Wear Them With Different Lengths

Ombre hairstyles and Ombre hair extensions are a great way to showcase your favorite hair color without a ton of effort and upkeep. With a good hairstylist and a reliable flat iron, you can pull off this look no matter what your hair type is.

Ombre hair extensions

What Are Ombre Hair Extensions?

The word “Ombre” originates in French, it means “shadow” or “shade” and when referring to hair, it implies some form of “gradient”. Anyone can wear Ombre extensions and make them look good with just some simple tips. Have you ever seen women whose Ombre hair are too light and look fake? In order to prevent that, we are going to tell you how to pull off Ombre hair in the right way, without anyone realizing that you’re wearing hair extensions. So how to get the true look with Ombre hair extensions.

What are ombre hair extensions
What are extensions with ombre color?

Ombre Hair Extensions: Features, Pros and Cons

Before starting, we want all of you to know not all Ombre hair are created equal. When it comes to them, you have to know what you’re getting before buying. So, before we get you all excited about extensions with ombre color, we also want you to carefully consider before you buy. Again, as we mentioned before, not all Ombre extensions are created equal. A lot of hair extensions companies mass-produce them and have many problems in mass production control. This causes bad Ombre fades and colors, resulting in really bad ombre hair extensions.


Extensions with Ombre color are supposed to be a great way to add length and color effects in an instant and anyone can pull them off with a good Ombre extension set. The contrast between the dark and light just seems to look really great on many women, which is why so many are still applying Ombre hair at the salon. The Ombre trend is one that will stay around for a while and looks good on so many which is the reason why it is in demand.

Pros of ombre hair extensions
Dark brown to caramel ombre and black to silver ombre

Investing for a set of ombre hair extensions is a great idea as this Ombre trend will be very popular and you can switch out your regular hair extensions for your extensions any time you want to switch up your look. Ombre hair is great for adding a pop of color and is a great accessory to have to transform your hair instantly. Ombre hair is when the root is darker and blends into a lighter shade. In the salon, this is done by hand painting to create a dark to light effect.


However, getting ombre hair extensions in the salon may cost a lot, not to mention the bleach does damage the hair. This is why so many are turning to this hairstyle to give them that beautiful blonde dark to blonde Ombre look without using chemicals or spending hours in the salon ruining their own hair. In general, they are ideal for changing your look without needing to damage your hair or keeping up with the Ombre look every few months. When you have a pair of Ombre extensions you will be able to add the color in and out whenever you want.

Cons of ombre hair extensions
Cons of extensions with ombre color

How To Wear Ombre Hair Extensions?

If your hair is short or medium length, you will be able to wear Ombre extensions without ALREADY having your own hair Ombre. (No chemicals required, no money spent on color at the salon), they will blend effortlessly and will instantly add a pop of color. Keep in mind that a more natural fade will look most natural, for example, the chestnut brown Ombre is the most popular as it looks natural and blends well. Lighter Ombre will work well if you have them cut and blended or you already have Ombre hair.

How to wear ombre wear extensions
How to wear ombre extensions

The greatest benefit for those with short to medium hair lengths is that they are able to change their hair color effortlessly in an instant with Ombre hair extensions.  Also, you do not need to color your own hair and will be able to save your money, time and hair while still achieving the Ombre look. To get the most natural look, make sure to have your Ombre extensions cut and blended in the salon for the most natural look. Looking at the pictures of ombre hair extensions before and after, you will see the change in personality much more clearly.

If your hair is longer you will need to have your ends Ombre already to make sure that the extensions you choose match your current Ombre hair. If your hair is a solid color and you attempt to wear Ombre hair, it will not look natural and most will recognize that you are wearing them. When purchasing Ombre extensions, remember to choose a base and Ombre color that is very similar to your Ombre hair to avoid bad ombre hair. Don’t forget that you can go 1-3 shades within your Ombre colors and it will still blend well. Make sure to use a color ring or sample to match your own hair.

Ombre Hair Extensions From Apohair

Here at Apohair, we have strict quality control for our all our Ombre extensions to ensure each has a natural ombre fade, as if the hairstylist just hand painted the extensions themselves. All our ombre and other types of hair extensions are 100% Vietnamese Human Hair. In addition, we completely say no to synthetic hair and harmful chemicals so you can totally believe in our hair products.

Our Ombre hair are available for you to choose in weft, bulk, tape-in. clip-in and keratin hair. Each type has its own advantages and definitely brings you a whole new look.

Ombre hair extensions from Apohair
Apohair’s ombre hair extensions


Many variations of Ombre weave hair are waiting for you at Apohair. Curly, wavy and straight Ombre weave. Furthermore, we have designed a wide range of colors for Ombre hair. They can be tradition or modern colors, warm tone or ash tone or even mix, highlight colors. Let’s come to Apohair, the choice is your. Visit our website, our customer service is always 24/7 to support you.

Almost anyone can wear Ombre hair extensions, but the most important element is making sure they match your hair and that the extensions are cut and blended in the salon. We hope that all of you will find out the most suitable Ombre extensions for your hair. If you are interested in need of hair extensions, don’t forget to contact Apohair Team or shop online at our website. We are always ready to bring you the best look!!!

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