The Black Widow Beauty: Scarlett Johansson no makeup

The black widow, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous actresses all over the world. Besides her acting career, Scarlett is a model and singer. For the past few years, the star has been working hard to build her legacy in the film industry. Her busy life requires Scarlett to go through a lot of makeup and beauty treatments. So, what if we see Scarlett Johansson no makeup? Off-screen, Scarlett is just like many others. She is a simple girl who takes her time to cherish small things in life.

Scarlett Johansson no makeup

Scarlett Johansson During The Shooting Of Avengers

Scarlett Johansson no makeup on Avengers
Scarlett johansson without makeup

Spotted in a red hairstyle during the shooting of Avengers, Scarlett is seen having a break from her busy schedule. Browsing through the street in her beige leather jacket teamed with black knitted top and black skinny denims, Scarlett Johansson no makeup is confident to mark her unique style.

Scarlett In A Floral Gown

Scarlett Johansson in floral gown
Scarlett Johansson in floral gown

Wearing a floral gown with an apron and Victorian era hairdo, Scarlett Johansson draws a lot of attention during the shoot of “The Other Bolyn Girl”. Because she plays the role of Mary Bolyn, Scarlett needs to be as simple as possible. Actually, this role portrays a style that is totally contradicting her style. However, no problem! However, no problem! Scarlett Johansson no makeup still looks gorgeous and impressive. The star only has to wash her face and pat it dry with no makeup products.

Scarlett In Church Time

This photograph of Scarlett Johansson no makeup was taken when she was in the church for some peaceful time. The serenity on her face is like a visible charm. In this picture, Scarlett makes sure that her dressing is extremely simple compared to her normal dress-up style. Being in a black trench coat, Scarlett attracts us from the simplest things.

Scarlett Johansson no make up in church time
Scarlett Johansson no make up in church time

Scarlett Johansson No Makeup In Wine Event

Scarlett is so glamorous in this angle. The star is attending a Wine Event by Moet & Chandon. Scarlett looks so stunning in her most playful mood between the fresh vines. In her favorite blue dotted and shaded frock, Scarlett shines her way. It looks like she is holding the vine basket to pick grapes to make some scrumptious wine.

Scarlett Johansson no makeup in wine event
The star is attending a Wine Event by Moet & Chandon

Her Geek Look

In the picture, Scarlett is leaving her hair open with round frame glasses suiting her oval face. Her blonde hairstyle has highlighted all. That’s why a Scarlett Johansson no makeup is still beautiful. It can be said that Scarlett really loves to immerse herself into the character whether for a movie or an ad shoot.

Scarlett Johansson no makeup in Avengers
Black widow makeup

Her Sporty Outfits

Scarlett likes adventure sports and outings and with this angle, she absolutely sets the mood. Being in Khaki shorts paired with moss green top, Scarlett Johansson no makeup shines in her natural and sporty look. This may be a preferred Safari look of the uptown girls. Of course, the outfit of Scarlett is comfortable for mountain climbing or rafting.

Scarlett Johansson no makeup in sporty outfit
The sporty outfit of Scarlett

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