Having a beautiful hairstyle is one of the best things which help women enhance and be confident with their looks. However, to have such a perfect appearance, they have to care for many things from make-ups, outfits to hairstyles. Besides suitable make-ups and beautiful outfits, they always try to look the best with hairstyles. And one of many factors creating glamorous hairstyles is color. Depending on style and tone skin, different colors are chosen. Many people are keen on some simple and basic colors such as black, brown, etc. On the other hand, some like ombre color – a fabulous color for your hair. However, although this is a common color, not many people know clearly about it. In this post, let’s find out things you have to know about ombre color.


Reason for ombre color

Many people may wonder why ombre is loved among many beautiful colors. Besides its lovely appearance, ombrecolor looks high fashion while not requires high maintenance. It also contributes to boosting your hair volume as it makes your hair ends look thicker and hides damaged ends. Moreover, with dyeing ombre technique, the chemicals in the color will not reach your scalp, which lowers the chemicals’ effect. Thus, with ombre color, you will both have beautiful hair and protect your hair from damages.

How to apply ombre color to each different hair?

To have beautiful ombre color hair, you need to be careful to choose ombre color. It depends on the look you want, your natural hair color and hair texture.

  • Dramatic ombre look

For women loving a dramatic look, it is necessary to make your hair roots darker and lighter color toward the ends. In addition, remember to keep the fade natural to get the best result.

  • Natural ombre look

For a natural look, you should keep the color of your natural root and lighten the ends. However, do not tighten them too much as two-toned hair looks unnatural. The right level keeps your hair natural and limits hair damages.

  • Straight hair

As ombre color will look flat and one-tone on straight hair, it is important that you choose the right way to apply. It is advised to use multiple shades to add dimension to your hair.

  • Curly or wavy hair

With curly or wavy hair, it is easier to apply ombre color. However, you should choose the one which suitable for your skin tone.

  • Darker skin tone

You will look great with deep reds, coppers and bronze ombre.

  • Medium skin tone

Rich browns, toffee and copper tones will boost your hair look a lot.

  • Fair skin tone

You are so lucky to have a fair skin tone as you can choose many beautiful ombre colors such as ash tones, subdued blonde shades and golden caramel hues. Your hair will become stunning when you choose 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair.

Above are some things you should know to get the best hair result with ombre color. Hope that this information is useful to enhance your hair look. In addition, you also can promote your hair beauty with hair extensions. Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand is an ideal choice as you can find a variety of hair types, colors and length levels here. Apohair is always willing to care for your hair beauty.

Apohair‘s collection consists of many types of hair extensions with ombre color. We have bulk hair ombre color which is easy to use and time-saving. Also, there are many other attractive hairstyles which helps you look more beautiful and different.

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