Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

Tyra Banks – the gorgeous former American supermodel – quickly draws attention when reaching the fame at the early age of 15. Her outstanding career doesn’t just stop at her talents around modeling. Our girl is also known as a successful entrepreneur, host and businesswoman. So, have you ever wondered what she would be when she is in her true self? Right here, we have some pictures of Tyra Banks no makeup. Keep reading to explore with us, will you?

Grabbing eye balls

This is the very first among our series of pictures of Tyra Banks without makeup. Can you believe in what you are seeing here? This is exactly an image of Tyra Banks no makeup. Of course, some of you might smile when looking at this picture as Tyra seems to be really funny in this cute selfie. Here, the girl completely say NO with makeup. She confidently reveals her patchy and uneven skin. Also, our celeb doesn’t hesitate to show off her sunken eyes and dark circles in this picture.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

One thing that can make you pay a lot of attention is her eye balls. She looks quite amazing with her eye balls and this moment is extremely lovely.

Messing with selfies

Well, some of you can feel quite surprised by this picture. And through this picture, we can come to the conclusion that our girl never hesitates to be herself. She is comfortable to the public even her no-makeup selfie. Here you can see that Tyra Banks posts another selfie in which she reveals her crazy appearance again. Her totally messed up hairdo, her bare face and here eyeballs might make some confused if this is really our Tyra Banks. The model is a total sport when it comes to her pictures and this lets her fan so excited and surprised.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

The brown-hair girls

We’ve got this beautiful look from Tyra Banks Instagram. Tyra Banks no makeup in this picture expresses her sensational self. The talented model looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful, wavy copper brown hair. Our lovely girl looks like a doll in this refreshing picture. Through the picture, Tyra sends out a message to all the girls out there “Raw is just beautiful and one actually need not spend hours in front of the mirror.

You may see that her brown hair is quite simple. And we have to say that it’s her simple brown hairstyle that makes our girl more and more beautiful and attractive.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

Sending out love

In the series of pictures of Tyra Banks without makeup, the girl looks like she is sending out love to all her fans. Tyra decides to go barefaced and keeps for a low-key look. And in spite of her no makeup look, she still attracts all the eyesight. Her big and bright eyes are the dream of every girls.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things


With and without makeup

We have to admit that stars often look quite different without their usual made-up self. In fact, we are too used to seeing these stars with their makeup intact so it’s understandable if we feel surprised to see them without one. What about Tyra Banks? Some questions have been raised to debate.

Tyra Bank cosmetics? Yes or No? It cannot be denied that celebs have some cosmetics for their own and so do Tyra Banks. However, not all the time! Tyra Banks without makeup & cosmetics is beautiful even with her slight imperfections as she proudly wears her spots and smooth skin and strutted about. Look at the two images – makeup and no makeup. Hardly can we see the differences between them.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

The aqua look

Tyra Banks in the picture is wrapping a scarf around her head. Here she has her hair in two pigtails as she poses widely for the camera. Her pretty peepers look so stunning, attractive, light and graceful in brown when flashed her pearly whites to the camera. The girl looks still sweet without other significant makeup on. One more thing that draws a lot of attention from her fan here is Tyra Banks eyes. Her smiling eyes are ready to attract all the eyesight from the public. Tyra Banks seems to be so excited about having this look.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

No makeup with sleek hair look

Although many times we have seen Tyra fiercely carrying off her looks, there are times our model admits that she is not afraid to show the world her flawless look without any makeup. In this picture, she had straightened her hair. Her straight hairstyle is simple but so attractive. That’s why we affirm right from the first part of this blog: beauty comes from the simple things.

Tyra Banks no makeup – Beauty from the simple things

Tyra Banks no makeup is just gorgeous and still attractive. How do you think about our pictures of Tyra’s bare face? Feel free to tell us what you think and we are ready to share with you all about these stories. You can also visit our website for more news about celebs such as Megan Fox no makeup or Margot Robbie no makeup. Also, don’t forget to follow us to get the latest updates about our products and promotions. Thanks for your attention!

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