Can You Dye A Wig? – The Essentials For Dyeing Your Human Hair Wig

Wig becomes a popular choice partly thanks to its versatility. Getting a wig, you can be subtle and reserved one day, then bold and vixen-like the next. Some people wonder if can you dye a wig. We have to say “YES”. You can dye human hair wig just like your natural hair. That means not only can your fashion change to suit your mood, but your hair color can, too. Below we also provide how to color a wig, wish you success.

Can you dye a wig

How To Pick Your Color Wig?

“Can you dye a wig” is one of the most popular questions we’ve received these days. Obviously, when you invest in a high-quality human hair wig, you want to prolong the hair by using different dyeing techniques. Pay more attention to what we are talking right here, we will share with you guide to pick the best hair color and the most effective way to dye your wig.

Make careful decision about the color you choose for your wig as one the hair is dyed, it’s much harder to go back. That’s why, before making that all-important decision, consider the following things.

How to pick your color wig
Best dye for human hair wigs

Pick a color to complement your skin tone

Remember that choosing a wig color is all about which color you want to bring our in your face. It helps you know what your skin’s undertones are. Mostly, your hair, skin and eyes tend to fall under one of the following categories:

  • Warm: yellow, gold, olive/green undertones
  • Cool: blue, pink, red undertones
  • Neutral: a mix of cool and warm tones

So, how to choose the best hair color for your wig? According to some experts, you should choose a hair dye color that’s the opposite of your skin tone. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, experience a cool shade of browns like chestnut or ashy colors. For cool skin tone, try a warmer blonde shade with caramel or amber colors. If you’re neutral, go for any of them.

What we want to emphasize here is that you should never be shy away from going totally bold if you are feeling fierce and feisty. In some cases, a shimmery purple, pop of pink or deep mahogany can really bring your look to the next level.

Pick a color to complement your skin tone
“Can you dye a wig” is one of the most popular questions

Dye the wig a color that shows off your personality

A lot of studies have been done to show the relationship between color and people’s mood. This is also known as the color psychology. That’s why, whether you are feeling sassy or shy, check out how these colors and moods for your wig color’s inspiration.

  • Blue: peaceful, calm, content
  • Red: passionate, bold, confident
  • Pink: happy, romantic, flirty
  • Yellow: energized, cheerful
  • Purple: mysterious
  • Black: confident, grounded, strong, fierce

Keep in mind, if you are going to dye a dark color wig a bright or vibrant color, you must bleach the hair before to ensure the best results. That being said, it’s recommended opt for a color like the 613 shade, a light platinum blonde color, so that you can skip the bleaching step, saving your time.

Essentials For Dyeing A Wig

Now you can answer the question “can you dye a wig, right? Actually, there are a number of ways to dye your wig and each requires different tools. Depending on the type of wig, its original color and your desired shade, you choose the proper method. There are two popular methods that a lot of people are applying: to watercolor the unit or brush dye on.

The watercolor method involves dipping your wig into a concoction of hot water and hair dye. This method is quicker and easier than other methods. However, you need to take precautionary measures to protect the lace and knots.

The second option is to apply color directly to the unit of the wig with a dye brush or your hands. This is quite the same as the way you have your natural hair dyed in a salon. Direct dyeing can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to dye the whole wig one color.

Essentials for dyeing a wig
Can you dye human hair extensions? Here are some colors

What to prepare?

  • A dye brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair dye (its amount depending on the thickness, length and color of the wig)
  • Bleach (if you want to dye dark hair light or bold color)
  • Glass bowl or ceramic bowl for mixing
  • Whisk
  • Long, plastic spoon to mix dye in water
  • Wig, Wig head
  • Gloves
  • Spatula
  • Towel
What to prepare
How to dye a wig human hair? -Yes

How to prepare your hair

There are some steps you need to remember to prepare the hair

  • Wash your wig
  • Let it naturally dry
  • Brush the hair
How to prepare your hair
“Can you dye a wig”- Yes, let’s prepare

Steps on dyeing a wig

Apohair is going to tell you full step to dye a human hair wig. Our hot tip is that you should always test a small strip before dyeing your entire wig.

Step 1: Get clean, dry wig and lay onto a protected, flat surface

Step 2: Spread styling gel on the lace to protect the lace from the dye. Use cool setting to blow-dry the gel, or let it sit overnight. Seal the dry gel with a freeze spray and dry.

Step 3: Mix the hair dye in a glass bowl with hair developer according to package instructions. Don’t forget to wear gloves

With hair laying on a flat surface, brush the dye into the hair. Make sure you coat all strands, avoiding the lace and hair knots near the scalp. For another choice, you can apply while the unit is on a wig head. Next, leave dye on hair according to box instructions. After that, rinse the wig with warm water until it runs clear. Apply conditioner as instructed on the box.

Step 4: Towel dry hair to make sure it’s not dripping, place on a mannequin head and try to allow it thoroughly dry or blow-dry to your liking.

Steps on dyeing a wig
How to dye wigs? – That’s result

Can you dye a wig? Of course, yes! Just contact us if you really want to get a new color for your wig but you are still not confident about the method to do it. Apohair is always here to support you. Furthermore, we are having our new Galaxy Collection, which focuses much on bundles deals to make a wig. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you are looking for good hair extensions from our stock.

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