Hairstyles For Men And Boys With Dark Brown Hair And Ginger Hair

Men and boys with dark brown hair these days feel very old and less gutsy about themselves when they see people around them doing experiments with many different colors on their hair. But little do they know that dark brown hair is timeless and the best looking men often rock such as dark color hair.

Men and women both now have newly found information regarding fashion, gadgets, and also have had enough knowledge to experiment with their everyday look. Nowadays, men and boys have started experimenting themselves more and more with their hair color to jazz up their appearance and to get the attention of the crowd.

Scroll down and follow the list of the on-trend hairstyles for man and boys with dark brown hair, ginger hair to take your appearance up a notch. Don’t miss out any the bliss of brown handsomeness!

Hairstyles for men and boys with dark brown hair and ginger hair

Man Bun

This is the classic long hairstyle for dark brown hair men that almost all of them have attempted in their life. It helps you keep your hair out of the way and requires little maintenance. The reason it looks best on brown hair is because of its versatile nature.

The man bun with a beard is a hairstyle which is suitable for both formal and informal fields of life such as a party, bar club or even a serious environment but it is usually opted by men with a very carefree outlook on life.

Man bun
Man bun

Feathered Bangs Dark Brown Hair

Feathered bands are the perfect hairstyle for dark brown hair men for those who dislike getting haircuts and maintaining them. The uneven long hair basically lets your hair grow to any length you like, without the use of any styling products for its maintenance. This hairstyle is perfectly applying for hikers, mountain climbers and those who have a very busy schedule. For dark brown hair men seeking a rugged yet stylish look that complements their natural hair color, feathered bands offer an appealing solution

Feathered bangs dark brown hair
Feathered bangs

Slicked Back With The Part

Men and boys with brown hairstyle that includes both trend and versatility in it are the basic slick back with an added feature. The slick back effect is created by using styling products. The added feature for this hairstyle is the prominent part line that makes it look more iconic and timeless.

Such types of hairstyles were very popular back in the times, with uniformed officers and the men of the military, and they are making their comeback now.

Pompadour With Fade

The pompadour brown haircut for men is the most suitable option for men with long as the main styling and cut require voluminous hair at the top of the head. This haircut is done mainly from the top in the way that your hair is styled to stick up in a standing position. Two sides of the head sport the ever trendy fade style that features shaved sides.

Pompadour with fade
Pompadour with fade

Quiff For Dark Brown Hair

For brown hair boys seeking a bold and fashionable hairstyle, the tall quiff offers an ideal option that exudes confidence and style. The tall quiff in dark brown haircuts for men features a pompadour high front which gradually decreases till it reaches the back. It includes a fade style which can be both high or low fade. Usually, it is a mid-fade which gives little hair till the sides and the rest are shaved for the faded look.

Likewise, light brown hair boys can rock this stylish haircut, adding a dash of their distinctive hair color to this sleek and eye-catching look. Whether it’s boys with brown hair or sport light brown locks, the tall quiff with a well-done fade creates a cool and modern vibe that effortlessly draws eyes and highlights their hair’s natural charm.

Quiff for dark brown hair
Tall quiff


The latest addition in trendy dark brown hairstyles includes Mohawks which have become increasingly popular all around the world, since their introduction. Mohawks are not a restricted color but they suit best with dark brown hair boys because of the depth and color contrast in the dark brown color.

Slicked Back Hair Style

This hairstyle for dark brown hair men is perfect for those who don’t want to experiment with anything new but still want to change their appearance. The most basic thing to do to achieve this hairstyle is the usage of hair styling products.

To get this hairstyle, hair styling products are used on moderately long hair to push them back which gives a pompadour look from the front.

Slicked back hairstyle
Slicked back

Undercut Dark Brown Hair

This hairstyle is the combination of the classic undercut with a strikingly styled fringe. This undercut is by far one of the most popular hairstyles for men with straight dark brown hair. It’s short, neat and is very ideal for the texture of straight hair.

The look of this hairstyle goes one step further by accentuating the fringe to make it the focal point. It’s a nicely balanced look that only needs a bit of pomade to maintain.

Hard Part Dark Brown Hair

For the daring, this hairstyle will give you extra fashion points. It’s over the top with character and will upgrade your hair.

With a hard part and an eye-catching comb-over, this is one of the trendiest hairstyles for men with dark brown hair. It’ll require serious styling, but the result is noticeable, fashionable and certainly a worthy award for your efforts.

The style is nicely balanced with the combination of a skin fade. And the texture of straight hair ideal for a clean-cut look that keeps your hair nice and neat.

Hard part dark brown hair
Hard part

Crew Cut Dark Brown Hair

The crew cut is a classic and low-maintenance hairstyle. But with a little effort, you can make it look more stylish. To get this look, use a boar bristle brush to distribute your hair’s natural sheen, as this look can otherwise seem dry if you just wash and go. Spend just a few moments to run a light-hold pomade through your hair to add shine to it.

In between haircuts, use a personal trimmer to square off sideburns and the nape. This will save you time and money.

Red Hair Men (Ginger Hairstyle)

You are looking for a stellar redhead men’s hairstyle? If you rock red (ginger) hair, you might be wondering what sort of hairstyles will bring the most out of your hair. The good news is that there’s a lot of variety, from slicked back undercuts to wild curly styles for you to try.

Ginger hairstyle
Red (ginger) hair

Slicked Back Side Part

When you combine a slight slicked back pompadour with a side part, this look will be traditional and timeless. This hairstyle especially fit with fine or thin hair, the layering and combing will create all the fullness you need.

Extreme Brush Up Hairstyle

This will be a serious, eye-catching hairstyle for the boldest redhead men. To get this look, the hair is brushed straight up for an intense look that accentuates red hair’s fiery nature.

Elegant Side Swept Hairstyle

Such a dapper choice, the side-swept style emphasizes the flow and movement. As a ginger hairstyle, it highlights the variations of tones in the hair and adds dimension for your hair.

Elegant side swept hairstyle
Elegant side swept

Loose Curly Hairstyle

Ginger men with curly hair can feel free to go all out with this carefree hairstyle. The curly hair will explode in a tousled jumble. For a reliable address to buy loose curly hair extensions, we’d like to recommend Apohair. If you are interested, visit the website for the details.

So here are all ideas we want to introduce. Hope men and boys out there can take inspiration from the above-given dark brown hair and red (ginger) hairstyles. Let’s experiment to show the world that these hairs for men never go out of style.

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