Marvelous flat twist hairstyles for Fall 2020


Flat twist is normally known as a neat way to create a protective hairstyle, but today fashion lovers has creatively transformed the simple style into many variations. So today, let learn about hơ to create flat twisting and the some styles to rock this fall.

What are flat twists?

Flat twisting is a protective hairstyle in which the hair is twisted close to the scalp, similar to cornrows. However, unlike cornrows that use three hair strands to form a twist, a flat twist is made of just two separate sections twisting tightly together.

Whether you want to make flat twists as the first step for a curly hairstyle (or a flat twist-out) or to create a base for a flattering updo, flat twisting can surely make your hair healthier since the flat twisting minimizes the styling on a daily basis.

How to make a flat twist?

Step 1: Prep your hair

Flat twist can be done on both damp and dry hair. Yet, if you want to make it with damp hair, you can wash your hair first. If you can’t afford time for a deep washing, you can spray some water into your hair to lightly dampen the locks.

Step 2: Apply styling gel or cream

Use some styling gel or curly cream onto your hair to add moisture to the tresses. It also helps to define the curl when you twist your hair. If you intend to wear a flat twist-out later, this step will bring you the perfect curly pattern.

Step 3: Detangle your hair

To remove the knots and tangles in your hair, you should use your fingers and gently comb through your curls.

Step 4: Divide your hair into sections

If you want smaller twists, you need to divide your hair into more sections, and vice versa.


Step 5: It’s time to twist

Take one section of your hair and divide it into two equal parts. Then, twist the lower part into the top piece. With each twisting, you need to pull in more hair to the lower part (like how you do with French braid). Continue twisting until you reach the end of your hair and repeat the process for the rest sections. Please note that to have a perfect flat twist, you should pull your hair tight as you twist and keep it close to your scalp.

Step 6: Secure the twists

After you finish each flat twist, you can use a bobby pin to tuck the ends in and secure it.

Step 7: Dry the flat twists naturally

If you make flat twists with damp hair, you need to air dry it. And now, enjoy your look with a new hairstyle. Remember to wrap a scarf around your head before you go to sleep, or replace your pillowcase with a silk one to prevent frizz.

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5 best flat twist hairstyles for Fall 2020

Flat twist low bun hairstyle03-flat-twist

If you own long hair, it’s great to make something special to your flat twist hairstyle instead of the basic one. And forming a low bun is a good idea. With this style, you will create large flat twists and wind the twists into a low bun. This hairstyle is neutral, it can go with you in your daily life, workplace, or even formal events.

Side flat-twisted ponytail04-flat-twist

This simple yet elegant hairstyle is what you need for an outdoor party, barbeque, or a picnic. To achieve this look, you need to create the flat twist at the sides first, starting from the middle to the back. After that, gather your remaining hair and the flat twist you have just done and secure them with an elastic band in a low ponytail. You can highlight your style with a flower on one side.

Big flat twists and ringlets


This hairstyle is quite easy to apply. Firstly, make a big flat twist from your hairline to the crown. When you reach the crown, it’s time to use some rollers and apply curly cream to obtain the defined ringlets. This impressive look does not require lengthy hair. Medium hair is an ideal length for the style.

Flat twist-out


To get this flat twist-out, you will create small flat twists and wear it overnight. The next morning, you just need to untie the flat twists, use your fingers to comb your hair gently and re-style the curls. And you can get ready to go out with a stunning curly hairstyle. This hairstyle suits women of all ages and can be a good option for every occasion.

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Flat twist tied updo


A flat twist updo should be in your list of hairstyles for this fall. It’s not complicated to make and bring the freshness to your look. For this hairstyle, you will divide your hair into small sections and make the flat twists. The flat twists need to move from your hairline to the crown so that the top knot is well-formed. Continue to twist your hair until you reach the ends. After that, wrap your flat twists into a top knot.

This hairstyle is applicable for people with long hair, but if your current hair doesn’t have sufficient length, you can use human hair extensions and try the new style.

Flat twist is one of the brilliant proctective hairstyles that anyone can achieve easily. We hope that you can find a style you love through this blog post. Thank you for reading.